Holiday parties are some of the best parties of the year! And everyone loves a great holiday party theme, especially when it’s as simple as A Holiday Plaid Party. Easy, fun and affordable—all you need are the right invites and ideas. Lucky for you, we’ve got both!

holiday plaid party ideas

Up First: Invite
Let everyone know there is definitely a dress code for this holiday party and it’s PLAID! The Plaid Party Holiday Invitations tell friends and family exactly what they need to wear not to mention they’ll be super excited to get some legit party invitations in the mail. These invites come with the classic black and red plaid shown but you can customize the wording to note that any and all colors of plaid are welcome. We’ve got lots of holiday party invitations, so if plaid isn’t your top choice then be sure to check out some others.

Next: Activities
A holiday party needs at least one fun activity to keep people energized and mingling. Does drinking count? Yes, probably. So does eating for that matter but we like to get creative here at Pear Tree. Try setting up a selfie station somewhere in your home with a fun backdrop and maybe even a few props. You could do some cookie decorating with ready-made cookies. You could set up a fondue bar for some light eating. You could also set out voting jars for best plaid ensemble. We bet you can think of a great prize for the winner!

Finally: Drinks!
Somehow drinks and plaid just go together, right? We thought so! We love the idea of getting some custom wine bottle labels and dressing up your wine selection like shown. Or get out the crock-pot and prep some hot drinks perfect for the frightfully cold weather that’s sure to come. Grab a mulling spices packet from your local grocery store and place that in a crockpot of cider, which you can jazz up with your spirit of choice. You can also place mulling spices in a crock-pot (or use the stove) of red wine for mulled wine. Simply delish and very festive.

Photo Credits: Ladies in Red Hats: via Crowley Party, Cookies: Sweet Sugarbelle, The Country Chic Cottage, Wine Labels: Etsy