Top 5 Graduation Invitations for 2011

We have lots of memorable graduation announcements at Pear Tree Greetings, but these are on our honor roll for 2011.



Dani manages social media at Pear Tree Greetings, which means she actively shares, tweets, pins and posts from her laptop or phone all day long, always stressing the importance of a handwritten note.

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One thought on “Top 5 Graduation Invitations for 2011

  1. Hello,

    I signed up on Facebook to receive your two free teachers cards. Yesterday, I had a postage due notice in my mailbox for the cards. I went to the post office to get them and was advised that I owed $3.74 for the postage shortage. I have scanned a copy of the envelope they were sent in with the message from the post office, but did not know how to sent it to you.

    I am grateful for the free cards, but was a little upset that I had to pay the delivery confirmation to get them. Please respond at your convenience. Thank you!

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