If you’ve got a high school graduation party to plan, your head is probably swimming with ideas and to-dos. There’s the food, the decorations, the invitations…and you’ve got to figure out how to provide seating for all one million of your closest friends and family. It’s a lot to think about.

Setting a theme for your grad party isn’t just a great way to pull together a really fun and cohesive look; it makes all those decisions a whole lot easier.

Here are our favorite themes for high school graduation parties, and the invitations that set the mood right from the start.

Featured invitations:  New Chapter

The Future is Bright

If your senior’s eyes are set on the future, this theme is super fun!

Featured invitation: Brighter Future

The Party Invitation: Kick it off with this cheerful grad party invite the declares “The Future is Bright!”. Bonus points if you add a photo of your senior in cute shades.

The Decorations: Match the colors you used on your invitation to create a theme that matches all the way through. Use brightly colored tablecloths and add custom photo confetti for a pop of personalized fun.

To create a lasting keepsake, set up a photo booth area with cheap neon sunglasses for guests to wear, and take home as a cute favor.

Their Journey

This party theme will pull at your parental heartstring….

Featured invitation: What a Journey

The Party Invitation: Set the tone with this photo-collage style invite. Add a handful of photos from the years, plus your favorite senior portraits, to create a “what a journey” theme.

The Decorations: Keep the décor simple and stylish with black and white details, plus tons of photos. Guests love to browse through photos of the grad, so it’s okay to go a little crazy here!

Create a display wall with photos from each year of their life, plus grad party photo posters that commemorates special activities, accomplishments and friendships. After the party, the grad can plaster their new dorm room with them too!

Grit and Glory

The road to graduation isn’t always easy, but my-oh-my is it worth it! This theme is awesome for an athlete or any senior who’s faced challenges head-on.

Featured invitation: Definition of Grit

The Party Invitation: This inspiring invitation features the definition of grit: firmness of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of challenges. This theme honors hard work and lets you share your great pride in their accomplishments, both on and off the field.

The Decorations: Turn the party into a celebration that shows off their successes throughout the years. Create a display table that includes favorite projects from the elementary years though high school. If you have an athlete, dust off those trophies and ribbons for all to see!

Spring Flowers

A flower-themed graduation party is so sweet and perfect for the season. Depending on the style you choose, it can lean rustic, whimsical or sophisticated.

Featured invitations: Budding Beauty, Painted Petals, Watercolor Flowers

The Party Invitation: A flower-themed graduation party invitation is sure to stand out from the crowd. As sweet as your grad, these bloom-adorned designs are fresh, beautiful and have lots of custom details.

The Decorations: One word: flowers! Take the flower or the floral color palette from your invitation and create a party that’s filled with pretty bouquets. Whether your splurge on professional bouquets or create DIY arrangements, your party is going to look as pretty as a garden.

Surprise the grad with a flower crown for her to wear at the party. Better yet, get them for all her friends too! If you want to spread a little love, hand out a flower stem for each guest to bring home – they’ll love this thoughtful gesture.

School Pride

For the graduate who absolutely loves their high school, a school pride party theme is awesome.

Featured invitations: My Mascot

The Party Invitation: Creating a unique grad party invite that has custom school details is easy! Simply choose a design that lets you add a school logo or mascot, then customize the colors to match.

The Decorations: Go all out by creating a party that shows off school colors loud and proud. From tablecloths to balloons to plates and cup – make sure everything matches.

Mark the spot where the party’s at with a custom yard sign that features both a photo of the grad and their school logo. And if you really want to go all out, hire someone to come dressed as your school mascot; the photo ops will be epic!

A New Chapter Begins 

This chapter of their life may be over (it’s okay to cry, mom), but a new exciting one is about to begin!

Featured invitations: New Chapter

The Party Invitation: The tone for this theme will be set when you choose this great folding invitation. The phrase “and so a new chapter begins” is stamped in real foil on this beautiful collage-style design.

The Decorations: A new chapter theme needs books upon books! Run to the thrift store and snag some hardcover books with a vintage vibe. Stack them on the tables and top them with photos of the grad from throughout the years.

To start their new chapter off on the right foot, create custom advice cards for guests to fill out. Friends and family will love sending them off with a little advice, and your grad just may pick up some great tips for their new adventure!