Frightening Halloween Food Ideas

We, at Pear Tree Greetings, held our third annual Halloween Treat Day! We love coming up with spooky, yet tasty, Halloween food ideas to share with you. Below you will see we have everything from bat wings to worms to black cats to inspire your Halloween ideas this year. Enjoy!

Worms in the dirt made by Shelly. These creepy crawly worms will gross out everyone at the party! Add crumbled Oreos to make it look like they are crawling in dirt. Doesn’t get better than this for Halloween! Get the recipe here.
Halloween food ideas

Healthy twist on Candy Corn made by Lindsey. Such a cute idea using three vegetables – cauliflower, carrots and yellow peppers – and creating it into candy corn shape. Perfect finger foods for adults and children!
Halloween food ideas

Graveyard taco dip made by Brianna. This dip was a hit at our office party! Simply make taco dip and use Mission Tortilla chips to stand up in the dish to look like a tombstone. Use black icing to write RIP on the chips.
Halloween food ideas

Bat wings made by Cathy. These bat wings are creepy, yet so tasty! Just keep telling yourself while you’re eating it that it isn’t really a bat wing because the replication is spot on. Get the recipe here.
Halloween food ideas

Black cats made by Michael. These are simply adorable and everyone in the office raved at the cuteness and creativity! To make these black cats, you will need Oreos, mini M&Ms for the nose, green icing for the eyes, a Hershey bar cut into triangles for the ears, frosting and purple licorice to make the whiskers.
Halloween food ideas

Spooky bat eyes made by Kelsey. How perfect are these to hand out as appetizers to your friends when they arrive?! It will put everyone into the Halloween spirit immediately. Get the recipe here.
Halloween food ideas

Witch fingers made by Dani. These fingers used worms and dirt from Shelly to make it look like the witch hand was coming out of the grave. Simply use pretzel sticks and break to lengths of a hand, dip in green frosting and use mini marshmallows to make the fingernails. In the morning, use a toothpick to create knuckle lines on each finger.
Halloween food ideas

Bloody juice made by Devin. What better to wash down these frightening treats than with bloody juice?! Mix fruit punch with Ginger Ale and you’re done. Yum!
Halloween food ideas

Wrapped up mummies made by Andrea. These mummy balls made a wonderful dessert! Almost too cute to eat, but they were tasty so we had to eat them 🙂 Get the recipe here.
Halloween food ideas

Spider-webbed pumpkin cake made by Shelly. Yes, Shelly brought two things, but she’s a wonderful baker so a cake was a must for our treat day! It was a pumpkin cake with Marshmallow frosting to get the spider web look. Get the recipe here.
Halloween food ideas

See more ideas on our Halloween food ideas Pinterest board and start shopping for your Halloween invitations to get your party started off with a frightening feel for your guests!

Halloween Invitations

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