Your graduate’s journey has been an inspiration. They’ve worked so hard and you’ve been there every step of the way. Cheering them on, believing in them when they needed the most encouragement and now, it’s time to celebrate!

One of our favorite trends in graduation inviting and announcing is inspirational-themed designs. From sweet sayings and quotes to bible verses, you simply can’t go wrong when choosing one of these styles.

Your grad will adore the modern spin on tradition and their friends and family will have their announcement proudly displayed faster than you can say “congrats!”

These are a few of our very favorites…

1. Beginning

Does it feel like everything has been leading up to this monumental moment? Don’t forget though, this is only the beginning! This sophisticated graduation announcement holds the saying “This is only the Beginning”. With lots of customization options, this photo announcement is a wonderful choice if you’re feeling sentimental about this big moment!

Featured product: Beginning


2. Change the World

It’s the end of an unforgettable educational journey and the beginning of the rest of their life. If your girl or guy has big plans to make their mark, this graduation announcement with the quote, “and off she went to change the world” is perfect. It’s also available in an “and off he went to change the world” version. The background can be changed to match their favorite color as well!

Featured product: Change the World

3. With Brave Wings

Has your girl earned her wings? We absolutely adore this folding graduation announcement with the phrase, “with brave wings, she flies” on the front panel. Add your favorite senior portrait next to it for a look that just may bring a tear to your eye. The colors and fonts on this design can be changed to suit your taste to create a totally custom look.

Featured product: Brave Wings

4. Go Boldly

Not sure what we like most about this sweet one – the great quote, the photo-collage style or the folding format. The quote “go boldly in the direction of your dreams” is printed in gold next to a photo of the grad. Open the gatefold card to reveal tons more photos and your custom grad party wording.

Featured product: Go Boldly

5. Definition of Grit  

For your tough guy or gal, this grit-themed announcement is perfect. A great option for athletes, this modern card displays the definition of grit in any color you’d like!

Featured product: Definition of Grit

6. She Believed  

This one’s for the girls! The quote “she believed she could, so she did” lends an awesome feminist twist for girl grads.

Featured product: She Believed

7. New Beginning

This one may bring a tear to your eye (it’s okay, mom!). The quote “what feels like the end is often the beginning” sums up high school graduation beautifully.

Featured product: New Beginning

Happy grad party planning, all!