Napkins are essential at any gathering where food is involved, so why not turn those napkins into personalized decorations for the party? We’ve got stylish, full-color graduation napkins you’ll love setting out and guests will surely notice. Here are a few of our favorites!

When you were brainstorming ideas for graduation party decorations, napkins probably didn’t come to mind. So what makes them great décor?

Here Are the 3 Ps of Custom Party Napkins

  1. Personal – custom graduation napkins can be personalized with photos, school logos, mascots, names, graduation dates and more. They add a truly personal touch to the graduation decorations.
  2. Practical – Napkins are already needed! You will surely be setting napkins out on all the tables and wherever the food is being served so they might as well look awesome!
  3. Priced Right – Custom party napkins are an affordable way to add a very personalized touch to the party. Visually they are easily noticed and you get a lot of napkins for the price.