Choosing thank you notes can be tough with SO MANY choices out there, but we can help make it easier through simple process of elimination! You know you want photo thank you cards, so the real question is…

How many of the Senior photos are can’t-live-without favorites?

Answer #1: Multiple! Choosing one or two favorites has been killer!

You need a photo collage, for sure. Did you know you can fit eight photos on one thank you card? That’s a lot and it still looks AMAZING. The Photo Squares Graduation Thank You Cards give you the personalization you want along with room for multiple photos so you don’t have to drop any of your favorites.

Answer #2: A couple shots I really want to share!

You’ve got style, and your Senior photos show it so make sure your thank you cards do too. The Photo Booth Graduation Thank You Cards are super cute with a film-strip design that gives them unique flair. You get to showcase three photos next to your personalization and you get to choose a background from more than 80 colors. Your personal style is bound to shine.

Answer #3: One basically model shot I’d put on the side of a bus if I could!

Sometimes keeping it simple is simply the best choice. Pear Tree has lots of one-photo graduation thank yous but the Classic Scholar Graduation Thank You Cards is an office favorite for sure. The “Class of [year]” is printed in your choice of five colors including very trendy faux foil colors such as gold, rose gold and silver. The full photo front is perfect for giving your favorite Senior photo the spotlight!