The best time of year is almost here. No, not Christmas (although yes, we do love Christmas). HALLOWEEN!  I love an opportunity to throw a smashing good party and Halloween delivers year after year.

If you’re thinking about throwing a party this year, be sure to set a theme that’s spooky-fun for everyone. Personally, I love a good old fashioned Halloween costume party and these 5 themes are sure to delight young and old alike!

1. Favorite Book Character Costume Party

This cute costume party theme is a fun one for any age range and is especially cute when families conspire with group-themed costumes. You’ll have guests arriving dressed as characters from modern favorites like The Babysitter’s Club and Harry Potter and literary classics like Pride and Prejudice. This theme is particularity fun for book worms!

2. Scary Costume Party

Did somebody say…BOO?! Setting a scary costume dress code for your Halloween bash is sure to take your celebration from mild to manic in no time. This theme is ideal for the tween to teen age range. Werewolves, ghosts and Freddy Krueger, oh my!

3. Couples Costume Party

Calling all adults…this one is just for you! This adults-only Halloween costume party theme is sure to bring lots of laughs. Encourage your friends to really bring it by offering up a prize for best couple’s costume. Get inspired by pop culture, celebrities and even yes…politics.

4. Zombie Costume Party

Love The Walking Dead? This Halloween costume party theme brings the gross-and-creepy factor in style that’s right on trend. Really commit to the theme by serving zombie-themed food that’ll impress even the most fickle zombie.

5. Me in High School Costume Party

Okay…this one is laugh-out-loud funny. Leave the kids at home; this costume party is for adults-only and the theme is going to have you all in stitches each time someone new walks through the door. When you send your Halloween Party Invitation, instruct your friends to dress as themselves…in high school. Whether you’re 5 years or 50 years past senior year, a good time will be had by all!

Be sure to communicate your theme on your Halloween party invitation at least two weeks in advance so your guests have time to plan the perfect costume.

Wording examples to work into your invitations include:

Please come dressed as your favorite book character!

 BOO! Please come dressed in your scariest costume

 Join us for the Annual Couple’s Costume Party at the Nelsons

 Fright Night! Join us for a zombie costume party

 Costume Party Theme: Dress as YOU in High School

It’s gonna be like, totally awesome.