Bachelorette party time! Oww oww 🙂 My amazing bridal party had my bachelorette party a few weeks ago and was it a BLAST! I was spoiled with all the fun bachelorette party ideas they came up with.

wine tasting
can coolers
I didn’t know any details about the day (loved this part!) so when I arrived at my Matron of Honor, Brooke’s, house they showed me the invite, Chic Style Party Invitations, so I could see what would be doing – wine tasting + party bus! (Yes!) We started at 4pm and the girls had everything set up perfectly. There was mini wine tasting and everyone had to rank their favorite in order. It was a great way to get the party started and people chatting. She also had can coolers with the saying “Dani’s Final Fling – Last fling before the Ring” along with the date of the party for each person along with a little bottle of Kinky in it. Then, for the bridal party and me, she had wine glasses made with each of our names on it. Since, we were going on a party bus, they were plastic with a cover so they wouldn’t spill on our beautiful outfits. Genius.

The wine tasting was our first party game and whoever had the same taste as me won a bottle of wine. (Turns out my neighbor and I like the same wine… hmm, noted! :)) Then, we played an undies game where each person was instructed on the bachelorette party invitation to bring a pair of underwear that reflects their personality. Wow, I was not good at that game, but it was lots of fun with tons of laughter. The last game we played was a quiz about how well Scott and my party guests know me. Before the party, Brooke asked both Scott and myself the same questions about me, and at the party Brooke asked the guests the same questions. If the guests’ answers were the same as what both Scott and I answered, they got three points, if it was the same as my answer, two points and same as Scott’s answer one point. If their answer didn’t match either of us, they got zero points. It was a blast and hilarious! My mom and my cousin (also a bridesmaid) I believe were the winners of that game 🙂

As we were getting on the party bus, we were given beads, leis and suckers to sell at the bars that we would be going to after the wineries. The ladies worked their magic and sold everything by the end of the night! Scott and I were given that money and put it towards our honeymoon.

all of us
It was such a fun day and I am so lucky to have so many amazing ladies in my life who made that day truly special. It was full of ideas for all to enjoy and a day we will all remember.

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