There’s no occasion more joyful than a baby shower. It’s a special time to celebrate the mom or parents-to-be and their new little bundle of love. If you’re the one throwing the celebration, get ready – this is going to be fun. Start by choosing a theme. The choices are never-ending (and overwhelming!) so let us help as we narrow it down to our top 5 favorite baby shower themes.

Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon themed baby shower is the sweetest! It’s whimsical and dreamy and just plain adorable. Colors are key when setting the tone for this theme. We suggest sticking to pastels and shy away from bright hues. Think baby blue, soft pink, butter cream and pistachio. We invite you to use our Up, Up, and Away Baby Shower Invitation to invite and inspire!

Baby and Brew

Craft beer is ice cold (as in, super hot!), and while it may seem like an unusual theme for a baby shower, trust us, a babies and brews baby shower is such a fun choice. If you’re celebrating dad-to-be, this man-shower theme is absolutely perfect. Kick it off with our Baby Brewing Baby Shower Invitation, add some burgers and brews, then sprinkle in some funny baby shower games and you’re all set!

Build a Baby’s Library

All parents know, you receive more onsies, bibs and blankies than you know what to do with but there’s one gift that never gets old: books! That’s why we adore a build baby’s library themed baby shower. Each guest brings a book and viola, baby’s library has begun! Use our Learning Letters Baby Shower Invitation as a springboard to get your planning started!


Rustic has been a trending theme for years and woodland is a sweet and whimsical niche style that works wonderfully for a baby shower. Think cute little critters, moss adorned décor and woodland-themed treats. Our favorite woodland creature is a fox and this Fox Fun baby shower invite will leave your guests enchanted.

Ready to Pop

Balloons are wildly popular and make for one delightful baby shower theme. Perhaps the best part about this theme is that the décor is crazy affordable. Just look at all the great ideas for making decorations out of balloons. The phrase “ready to pop” is a perfect fit for this theme and is captured in swoon-worthy style on this Pop! Baby Shower Invitation.