Honoring your faith is what’s most important to you and your family all year-round and especially during the holidays. Personalizing your Christmas cards with a Bible verse is a beautiful way to share your faith with others and show your love for all people.

We’ve gathered a couple verses we think are perfect for Christmas cards. Why are they perfect? Because Christmas cards don’t always have a lot of room to work with so verses like these that are short yet powerful are perfect.

Do you have any favorites for the holiday season? Let us know what they are!

What we love about the Blessings to You card is that the entire front is dedicated to your favorite photo with a beautifully designed “Christmas Blessings” at the top. The back is dedicated to your holiday message, including whatever Bible verse you choose to share with friends and family.

The His Love Christmas cards start with a beautiful faux foil design and your favorite photos. Flip it over for lots of room to write your Bible verse and holiday message!