Have you considered throwing a party that honors two or more grads with one mega celebration? There are many reasons to collaborate on a joint graduation party. Here are our top 3!


Featured Graduation Invitation:  Grad Duo

1. The Grads Will Love It!

Some families have joint parties because they’re celebrating twins or triplets graduating, but anyone can do a joint party.

Tell your grad to pose the idea to their BFF. We all know high-schoolers travel in packs, so they’ll likely think a double-graduation party sounds like a blast! A huge bonus for parents-of-the-grads: planning a party is less stressful when you have more hands to help. The grads will be so excited for their dual party, they’ll be more enthusiastic about lending a hand too.

Featured Graduation Invitation:  Twin Grads

2. The Guests Will Love It!

You know the drill. When your child gets close to graduation, your calendar is filled with graduation parties. The graduation season can get pretty hectic. Now imagine knocking out two or more graduation parties in just one stop!

We guarantee guests will appreciate the convenience and their waistlines will appreciate a few less pulled pork sandwiches and marble cake.

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3. You’ll Love That It’s Cheaper!

In reality, this is probably the #1 reason to throw a joint graduation party, but your kids don’t need to know that. It’s all about giving them what they want, right? They can certainly think that!

A joint party means you can share the costs of venue, food and decorations. Sounds pretty good, right?

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A joint party starts with the perfect graduation party invitation. We highly recommend photo trifold invites because they offer room for lots of photos and party details for both of the grads!


Happy celebrating, grads!