Customers come to us looking for memorial cards that not only honor their loved ones but also reflect their personalities. We offer a great selection of modern memorial cards that offer more styles and space than most customers expect.

Here are some favorites and a little about why they’re such a meaningful choice for celebrating the people you love.

  1. If all you need is a simple card with room for wording and a few photos, the Looking Back In Color Memorial Cards are perfect, especially because it’s so easy to create the NOSTALGIC feel you’re probably really wanting at this time. The example shown is a great combination of photos and wording, all with the purpose of remembering a lifetime of memories.


  1. Religious celebrations are incredibly important to many, especially the older generation, which is why these Sweet Scallops Memorial Cards are a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a more TRADITIONAL design. The scallops add a sweet element and the cross brings faith front and center below a favorite photo.


  1. Full photo cards are MODERN AND MARVELOUS for sharing your favorite photo of that special someone! These simple memorial cards have everything you need in an easy-to-personalize, two-sided card with photo on the front and your choice of layout and design on the back. You will enjoy customizing the In Loving Memory Memorial Cards to fit your loved one’s personality, even if it is bittersweet.


  1. In some situations, the outpouring of love for someone who has passed is overwhelming, and the family really wants to capture that in a SWEET AND SENTIMENTAL way. The You Are Loved Memorial Cards include a touching saying on the front with choice of photo as well as room on the back for wording. Again, you get to customize this card with choice of layout and design on the back.


  1. The Sweet Eternity Trifold Memorial Card uses its clever trifold design to offer customers plenty of space for wording as well as lots of photos. The memorial quote on the front is oh so sweet, and the overall feeling of these cards is REFLECTIVE AND PEACEFUL. Truly a beautiful way to honor anyone who has passed.