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Memorial Cards

Pear Tree's beautiful memorial cards celebrate the lives of loved ones in pictures and verse, giving all those who mourn their passing a lasting keepsake to treasure. Our memorial cards come in a variety of styles and colors that are easy to personalize with photos and inspirational words that honor the memory of the departed. Memorial cards can be used to notify loved ones of the details of funeral arrangements or memorial services, or they can simply be mailed as announcements for those far away who won't be able to attend.

Our personalizing tool makes it simple to add beautiful photos of your loved one, along with a verse, favorite quote, or fond memory. Matching thank you cards let you acknowledge the support of all those who gather to honor their memory, and can also be personalized with photos or text. You may also be interested in our custom posters, which allow you to create a memorial filled with pictures of your loved one in minutes that you can put on display. Create lasting keepsakes for those in mourning with memorial cards, thank you cards or a poster that celebrates a life well lived.

Like all of our personalized note cards and photo cards, our memorial cards are printed on our signature 100% recycled premium card stock. They offer a perfect combination of a high-quality look and feel at an affordable price.