What’s the secret to writing heartfelt thank yous for your next baby shower?


That sounds ultra nerdy, doesn’t it. It’s true though, and here are five ways you can prep to make writing thank yous seem as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

PREP TIP 1. Purchase baby shower thank you cards early because you’ll probably start getting gifts in the mail sooner than you expect. Plus, you’ll find that it’s really helpful to get those thank you notes out as soon as gifts come in so you’re not bogged down later on when showers are in full swing or after baby arrives. Writing thank you messages will take twice as long with baby in one arm and pen in the other.

PREP TIP 2. Get a few different designs of thank you notes so you can change things up if you have multiple baby showers. You may find that family showers call for a more classic design while friend showers can be more fun and cheeky. Not to mention, the more excited you are about the thank you cards you’ve chosen, the more excited you will be to write them out and get them in the mail.

PREP TIP 3. Make sure a friend or family member is designated as the record keeper at each shower. Whoever is planning the shower will probably take care of this but don’t be shy in choosing someone if needed. They will create a list of who gave what as you’re opening gifts, which is essential for writing thank you notes afterward.

PREP TIP 4. Know what to write! A simple formula for writing baby shower thank you notes is: always give thanks for the specific gift from that person + share a memory with the person from the shower or why you’re grateful they could attend + mention how you plan to use the gift or why you’re excited about it.

PREP TIP 5. A recent momma on the Pear Tree team says to save the records of who gave what because you will probably want to send a few photos via text, email, social media, etc., of just how adorable your baby looks in/with the gift. However, remembering who gave what feels pretty impossible some days when you’re sleep deprived and giving all of your attention to the baby!

ETIQUETTE TIP: Etiquette says to send your thank you notes 2-3 weeks after the shower. Writing your thank you notes within this timeframe means you’ll remember more details about the shower, which is helpful. However, life gets busy and prepping for baby makes it even more chaotic, so you can take up to 3 months after the shower to send your thank yous.