Your baby is growing up and WAY too fast! All you want is to make every birthday special but tweens are at a tricky stage, right? They still want a party, just not a “kids” birthday party! So move over balloons and cartoons—make way for the more sophisticated tween party theme.

  1. Photography

The Invitation: Perfectly Aged Birthday Party Invitation

When you click on this invitation, you’ll notice an entirely different vibe but you can do so much with this invitation! We customized it by changing up the colors and photos plus the wording on the back.

The Tween Scene: A photography birthday party theme hits all the right criteria! A special birthday photo shoot, possibly a selfie station with props at the party. Maybe they’re an aspiring photographer and the party is all about their hobby! However you spin it, this theme is a snap to pull off.


  1. Sleepover

The Invitation: Slumber Party Birthday Party Invitation

Stylish design with a whimsical twist, these slumber party invitations are lit with stars and all the important details guests need to know for a classic sleepover.

The Tween Scene: Tweens are at the perfect age to still appreciate a slumber party but they can play an big role in making it AWESOME. Let them theme the party around something they love. Movie marathon, board games, dinner party or a junior chef-style cook-off!


  1. Art

The Invitation: Colorful Paint Tray Kids Birthday Invitations

Anyone who loves art will love these birthday party invitations. The watercolor palette is classic, colorful and clever. Customize it with your tween’s party details and color guests impressed!

The Tween Scene: A passion for art is something to celebrate! An art party, whether it’s painting signs, glazing pottery or shooting paintballs on canvas, is designed to be interactive and you can bet everyone is going to love every minute of it.


  1. Camping

The Invitation: Let’s Go Camping Birthday Party Invitation

Set the scene for what is sure to be a great adventure with these camping birthday party invitations featuring a modern illustration of camping under the stars.

The Tween Scene: The best part about a camping birthday party is your tween will love being a part of the planning. They can choose their favorite park, the campfire meals/desserts and activities like hiking, canoeing and zip lining. Sounds awesome! Can we be invited?


  1. Softball/Baseball

The Invitation: Run the Bases Birthday Party Invitation

Perfectly themed and customized, your tween is going to love seeing these baseball birthday party invitations personalized with name, number and all the party details on the back.

The Tween Scene: Playing ball may be the one thing they love most in this world, which is an excellent reason to theme an entire birthday around the sport! Take it outdoors and host a game + picnic or take the entire group to a professional or semi-professional game.