1. So easy!

Ornament Christmas cards are simple. They’re two-sided cards with room for one photo (sometimes more) and your holiday message. Personalizing these cards is a breeze! Not to mention they’re incredibly easy for friends and family to display. All they have to do is hang it on the tree (or wherever) and voila. A charming display with no fuss and no clutter.

  1. Unique and fun!

How many Christmas cards shaped like ornaments do you receive in the mail during the holidays? Exactly! Ornament cards are an affordable way to do something really unique that recipients will remember forever, and we’ve got such a great collection of designs that you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your style.

  1. Keepsake worthy.

Because these hanging cards are so darned cute and they’re easy to store, they will more than likely turn into a keepsake for many recipients. Year after year, your friends and family can put these out with their annual Christmas decorations or hang it in the house all year until they get a new one the following Christmas!


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