Trick or Treating Party

Pretty much the only party children ever want is one that ends in delicious treats they can devour like ravenous little monsters. Halloween is a great opportunity to throw the ultimate party for kids. Start if off with the perfect trick or treat party invites like this Sweet Treat Halloween Party Invitations. Candy corn is iconic, so even if the kiddos don’t like candy corn, they’ll appreciate the idea of a giant piece of candy inviting them to a party.

Pumpkin Carving Party

What’s the next best thing to Halloween candy? Carving pumpkins! Maybe it’s dressing up in costumes but reaching bare hands into the gooey guts of a bright orange pumpkin ranks pretty high on the Halloween awesomeness scale too. Not to mention pumpkin carving parties are fun for both kids and adults. Maybe gut the adults’ pumpkins ahead of time and hide a tasty beverage inside…magical…but be sure to invite everyone with an equally magical invite like these Pumpkin Party Halloween Invitations.

Adults-Only Halloween Party

Speaking of beverages, it’s probably best to host an adults-only Halloween party to celebrate this wicked holiday in the most of wonderful of ways…lots of spirits! Not the floating, haunting kind although after a few cocktails you may feel like one. The Chalk Art Halloween Invitations have the dark and moody vibe you want but with sketchy artwork perfect for Halloween. Plus, if you need some ideas for how to write a killer Halloween invitation, the wording is to die for.

Kids Costume Party

Costumes and kids go together like chocolate and peanut butter, so you better have all four of those things at the epic kids costume party you’ll be throwing very soon. The Hocus Pocus Halloween Invitations look super cute but still have a slightly spooky vibe perfect for the younger kids who like to be spooked but not scared out of their Harry Potter pants. Kids will love the combination of witches on broomsticks, bright colors and polka dots.

Neighborhood Halloween Party

The suburbs are kind of spooky anyway, right? In a how-does-everyone-keep-their-lawn-so-freshly-cut kind of way? You have to wonder sometimes about the people in your neighborhood, or you could just invite them all over for a party the one night of the year where you have a perfectly good excuse for being the weird ones. And before you think you can just invite everyone verbally or by actually knocking on people’s doors — talk about frightening — check out the Spooky in the Suburbs Halloween Invitations. It’s like your neighborhood block party flyer except WAY cuter and MUCH better quality.

Kids Halloween-Themed Birthday Party

The Ghosts Will Haunt Halloween Invitations are just the right mix of fun and friendly for you child’s next Halloween birthday party. Kids can really relate to these invites. How? Well kids and ghosts have a lot in common. They fly around whaling when things don’t go their way, they simply will not help with chores (even though we all occupy the same home!), and they disappear as soon as you try to find them. Let’s not forget that sometimes they come into your bedroom at night and stare silently at you…

Halloween Movie Night

Probably one of the best, most underestimated Halloween party themes of all time. A Halloween movie night can be geared toward little kids, older kids, adults and grandparents. There are Halloween movies for all ages and all fright levels, and they deserve an entire party dedicated to them. Make your Halloween movie party official with the right invites like the Spooky Tombstone Halloween Party Invitations. Rent a popcorn machine, dress up as movie attendants and roll out a red carpet. Welcome your guests to a night of dreadfully good entertainment.