Oh, 2021. Although you’ve been a little less wild than 2020, we’re still a little grumpy about you. But, you’re sure giving us a reason to send another funny photo Christmas card.

This year, commemorate all things crazy about 2021 with a funny card that pokes a little fun at this hot mess of a year. Our designers have been busy creating the funniest, and most heartfelt, pandemic holiday cards around.

From sarcastic cards to designs that poke a little fun at joyful family life, these funny Covid-themed Christmas cards are sure to get smiles and laughs from every recipient.

Covid-19 Themed Christmas Cards

1. The Okayest Year Ever

Truer words have never been spoken, right? If 2021 was truly were the most okayest year of your life, this is the more than the most okay-ish Christmas card for you!

Featured Christmas Card: Okayist Year – Christmas Card

2. (Not So) Warm and Fuzzy

If you’re not feeling quite so “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”, we don’t blame you. This sarcastic cutie still has a bit of holiday cheer!

Featured Christmas Card: Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Card

3. Wonderfully Weird

Yes, it’s still a wonderful life, but it’s also still a little weird out there right now. This clever card sum up your feelings perfectly with the phrase “it’s a wonderfully weird life”.

Featured Christmas Card: Wonderfully Weird Christmas Card

4. We Rolled With It

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last couple years, it’s to just roll with it! This funny Christmas card is perfect when paired with a candid photo of your family.

Featured Christmas Card: Roll With It

5. Plot Twist!

If 2021 threw you and your family some surprises, share them in cute style. Send news about the plots twists, big and small, with this super-custom 2021 newsletter style card.

Featured Christmas Card: Plot Twists

6. All is Not Calm, All is Still Bright!

All you need to create a perfectly funny family Christmas card is a great snapshot paired with this all-too-true saying: All is not calm. All is still bright.

Featured Christmas Card: All is Still Bright

7. Festive AF

Now this one’s certain to bring the laughs. This curse-word-adorned Christmas card is just so 2021!

Featured Christmas Card: Festive AF