Oh, 2020…you’ve certainly been interesting. This year, more than any other, is a fantastic one to send a photo Christmas card. Commemorate all things crazy about 2020 with a funny card that pokes a little fun at this hot mess of a year.

Our designers have been working all year long creating the types of cards they never envisioned themselves having to make. The funniest, and most heartfelt, pandemic holiday cards around.

From toilet paper themed cards to designs that poke a little fun at all that “wonderful” togetherness, these Covid-themed Christmas cards are sure to get smiles and laughs from every recipient.

Covid-19 Themed Christmas Cards

1. The Okayest Year Ever

Truer words have never been spoken, right? If 2020 was truly were the most okay-ist year of your life, this is the more than the most okay-ish Christmas card for you!

Okayist Year – Christmas Card

2. (Not So) Warm and Fuzzy

If you’re not feeling quite so “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”, we don’t blame you. This sarcastic cutie still has a bit of holiday cheer!

Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Card

3. So Much Togetherness

Yup, we’ve had a WHOLE lotta together this year. All it takes is a few candid snapshots to make this togetherness-themed card a laugh-out-loud winner.

Togetherness Christmas Card

4. Christmas is Essential

We’ve learned a lot about what’s essential this year and one thing is for certain – Christmas is essential! Declare it with this funny-meets-heartfelt design.

Christmas is Essential Christmas Card

5. Wonderfully Weird

Yes, it’s still a wonderful life, but it’s also a little weird out there right now. This clever card sum up your feelings perfectly with the phrase “it’s a wonderfully weird life”.

Wonderfully Weird Christmas Card

6. Merry Elfin’ Christmas

This one may have your loved ones wiping away tears of laughter. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas in classic 2020 style with this Merry Elfin’ Christmas card.

Merry Elfin Christmas Card

7. Most Dysfunctional Time

For some of us, Christmas is the most dysfunctional time of the year every year but for many of us, 2020 takes the cake. This hilarious Christmas card will have your friends and family humming this funny take on a classic tune all season long.

Most Dysfunctional Christmas Card

8. Mandated Christmas

Excuse me, we have a very important announcement: Christmas is mandated this year. That’s right, it’s an executive order and we fully expect your full compliance, thank you very much. You can start by spreading cheer with this Mandated Christmas card.

Mandated Christmas Christmas Card

9. We Rolled With It

Sorry, but we cannot stop chuckling over this one. You’ll forever look back at this toilet-paper themed Christmas Card and remember the year of the great TP shortage.

Roll With It Christmas Card

10. Plot Twist!

2020 didn’t turn out exactly like expected. Scratch that. 2020 turned out NOTHING like expected. Share the plots twists, big and small, with this super-custom 2020 newsletter style card.

Plot Twist Trifold Christmas Card

11. We’re Setting the Bar Low

Dear 2021, you better bring your A-game. This lol-worthy New Year’s Card has a sarcastic tone that’s just too good. Pair it with a photo of your grumpy kids and you’ve got 2020 gold.

Setting the Bar Low New Year Card

12. It Can Only Go Up From Here!

A New Year’s card never spoke to us so much. This funny New Year’s Card nails what we’re all hoping for – a better 2021!

Up From Here New Year Card

13. All We Want For Christmas

If your Christmas wish-list includes things like going on a real vacation or running errands without a mask on, this funny card is the one! Customize the list with anything you’d like!

All We Want Christmas Card

14. Socially Distanced Wishes

Just imagine looking at this socially distanced Christmas card in 20 or 30 years. It’s a total 2020 classic and adorable to boot!

Socially Distanced Wishes Christmas Card