Halloween is the best. I mean…a holiday that’s all about having fun and eating candy?! Sign me up! And, what’s a better way to celebrate than with a party? Throwing a Halloween party for your kids and their friends is a great way to celebrate the season and make lasting memories. But first, you need a theme. It makes the entire process easier and not to mention, way cuter. This little black kitty cat-themed Halloween party is about the sweetest I’ve ever seen!

Hello, Kitty Cat

The theme for this kid-friendly Halloween party was entirely inspired by our new Black Cat invitation. Isn’t it adorable!? This invitation is die-cut, meaning it’s cut out into the shape of the cat. That little curling tail gets me every time. This kitty is super sweet but that side-eye makes me think she’s a bit mischievous too. Reminds me of my own kids…

Classic Halloween Palette

No need to try to impress with decorations in a unique color palette. Go classic with orange, white and black instead. The best part about choosing traditional Halloween colors is that there will be loads of decorations at the store that you can scoop up for a steal!

Cat Décor and More

Carry the kitty cat-theme throughout the entire party with these fun decorations and activities:

  • Black Cat Costume: Purchase or DIY a whimsical black cat costume for your children. If you really want to get crazy, get in on the fun yourself! All you really need are some sweet cat ears and whiskers to capture some Halloween spirit.
  • Tableware: Mix fun black and white tableware for a whimsical look. If you can’t find cat-themed plates, you can totally DIY them with simple construction paper triangle ears glued to the edge of black disposable plates.
  • Sweets and Treats: How cute is this black cat cake? Pretty simple too! If you’re like me (ahem, not a baker) buy a store-bought cake and do the fun decorating yourself. All the credit, less hassle!
  • Games: When throwing a Halloween party for kids, activities are a must. We love this list of easy Halloween party games, including those cat-themed bowling pins.


Photo Credits: Black Cat Cake: The Cake Blog , Tablescape: Giggles Galore , Cat Costume: Chasing Fireflies, Black Cat Bowling: Better Homes & Gardens