‘Tis the season for mailboxes to be stuffed with Christmas cards (yay!). If you’re stuck on how to personalize your card with just the right words, we’re here with inspiration. Whether you want to pen an entire Christmas letter, or simply add a festive phrase, our custom Christmas cards give you the ability to customize to your heart’s delight.

Use one of these 25 sayings and phrases to add a touch of magic and spread Christmas cheer from coast to coast.

1. Love + Light

We love all the variations of the peace-inspired phrase: Love + Love. Love & Light. Sending Love, Light and Peace.

2. With Joy in Our Hearts

The word “Joy” is a holiday favorite and this saying exudes a sense of positivity and love.

3. Thankful. Blessed. Grateful.

The Christmas season is all about feeling thankful for family, making this phrase a perfect choice for a family Christmas card.

4. The Gift of Love. The Gift of Peace. The Gift of Hope.

Wish your loved ones the things that matter most of all – love, peace and hope.

5. God is Good. All the Time. God is Good.

Convey your love for Christ with this modern, religious Christmas card saying.

6. May the Season Fill Your Heart with Love

Express your hope for a love-filled holiday and New Year to everyone on your Christmas card list.

7. Full Hands. Full Hearts.

Parents of small children, this one will speak to you! This Christmas card saying for busy families is so heart-warming and sweet.

8. Wishing You Treasured Moments This Holiday Season

Because Christmas is all about those special moments and lasting memories.

9. Hold on to the Magic

This whimsical phrase is a perfect reminder of the magic of the Christmas season.

10. All the Joy We Can Handle

Pair this phrase with a photo of your busy, smiling, and sometimes-crazy family on a funny Christmas card.

11. The Best Gifts Don’t Come Under the Tree

Presents are sure fun, but the best Christmas gift is the love of friends and family.

12. Cherished Moments. Forever Memories.

We love this saying paired with a photo collage Christmas card, featuring snapshots of everyday moments throughout your year.

13. Simply Blessed.

We love a simple phrase and this one is so genuine and lovely.

14. Joy in All Things.

A wonderful reminder to pause and find joy in the everyday moments.

15. The Love of Family is Life’s Greatest Blessing

No truer words have ever been spoken. This saying is ideal for a beautiful family Christmas card.

16. It’s a Wonderful Life!

We love this classic Christmas card saying so much! Can’t you just about hear the jingle bells ringing?

17. Let Your Heart Be Light

A delightful reminder to enjoy the pure joy of the holiday season.

18. Our Hearts are Full

If you’re feeling particularly blessed, this family Christmas card saying is a charming choice.

19. Love & Kindness to All

A heartfelt wish, laced with tones of peace, love and togetherness.

20. The More The Merrier!

Are you announcing a pregnancy on your Christmas card? This is the perfect saying for a holiday pregnancy announcement.

21. This is Us

A modern Christmas card phrase everyone will adore. Looking back at this Christmas card years from now will bring tears to your eyes.

22. Treasure the Moments

This simple phrase works so well with a candid photo of your children.

23. Sending Peace This Christmas

This traditional phrase is a favorite for a reason. Send wishes for peace to all.

24. All You Need is Love

From newlyweds to families, this saying is a reminder of what really matters in life.

25. Merry Christmas From Our Hearts to Yours

It’s a classic! Heartfelt and sincere, this is the perfect sentiment for this year’s holiday card.

Happy Christmas card creating, all!