The graduating Class of 2021 has had their senior year turned upside down. If you’re the parent of a high school senior, we understand the heartache that this year has delivered for students, teachers and parents.

Even though the pandemic has sure changed your grad’s senior year, their graduation should still be celebrated; maybe even more-so than any graduating class that has come before them.

Whether you’re throwing a big graduation party or opting for a smaller or virtual celebration, don’t forget to announce their achievement to everyone who has cheered them on throughout their journey.

With these very special seniors in mind, our team has created a collection of graduation announcements especially for the Class of 2021. Some will make you smile and others might bring a tear to your eye. One thing is certain though – these Covid-themed grad announcements will highlight your grad’s perseverance with an eye on the future!


Covid-Themed Graduation Announcements

Here are our very favorite designs for your 2021 grad!

1. Much to Celebrate  

This trifold announcement is just SO FUN! The phrase “(still) so much to celebrate” is a wonderful reminder that even during a global pandemic, there are great things happening!

Featured product: Much to Celebrate 

2. Looking Up   

If your grad has a sense of humor, this is the announcement for them! The phrase “Things Can Only Go Up From Here” has never been so true, right? Perfect for inviting to their grad party with a funny twist, the color palette on this design can be updated to any combo you’d like!

Featured product: Looking Up

3. Wonderful Joy  

If you’re searching for a Covid graduation announcement that puts faith first, this religious design is perfect. The phrase “Be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead” from the bible verse 1 Peter 1:6 is an amazing message to accompany your 2021 graduation announcement.

Featured product: Wonderful Joy

4. Future is Bright

If your Grad’s eye is firmly set on the future, this fun phrase is a great choice. This saying is so popular, we splashed it across several designs!

Featured products: Future is Bright foil card | Brighter Future flat card | Bright Future folding card | Bright Future booklet

5. The Best

The past is in the past and the best is yet to come! This faith-filled graduation announcement features the bible verse “the best is yet to come” alongside your senior portraits. It’s enough to make your tear up, isn’t it?

Featured products: The Best

6. Letterboard Grad

It really was the longest senior year evvvvver! This cute letterboard style announcement feature any phrase you’d like, and we love the proclamation that you’re “finally!” done.

Featured products: Letterboard Grad

7. Rolled With It

Sorry, but we had to. The Class of 2021 may be the only graduating class to ever get away with a toilet-paper themed graduation party invitation.

Featured products: Rolled With It

8. The Best Views

This might be the perfect quote for the Class of 2021 – “The best views come after the hardest climbs”. We love this one so much, we created two announcements that feature this saying.

Featured products: The Best Views flat card | The Best Views folding card

9. Okayest Senior Year

If the grad has a sense of humor, this funny Class of 2021 announcement is the one! The phrase “Okayest Senior Year Ever” is flat out hilarious.

Featured products: Okayest Senior Year

10. She Persisted

This one’s for the girls! Perhaps the perfect announcement for your feminist-mined senior, this folding design features the now iconic phrase “Nevertheless, she Persisted”.

Featured products: She Persisted

11. Great That Awaits

Toast the grad’s achievement with this foil-stamped stunner! The phrase “Here’s to the Great that awaits” is pressed in gorgeous, shining foil on this folded announcement

Featured products: Great That Awaits  

12. Magical Beginnings

Graduation can be bittersweet. If your graduate is looking forward to a fresh beginning, this heartfelt quote is a beautiful sentiment: “trust in the magic of new beginnings”.

Featured products: Magical Beginning 

13. Trust in the Lord

Is there a better way to declare the grad’s faith in the future God has planned for them? We simply adore this religious-themed announcement.

Featured products: Trust in the Lord

14. Class of Zoom

Did your senior spend most of their senior year online? This zoom-themed graduation announcement declares the class of 2021 the class of zoom!

Featured products: Class of Zoom

15. For the Books

The Class of 2021 will go down in history! The saying “one for the books” is a perfect saying for this spectacular class of seniors.

Featured products: For the Books

16. Strong Grad

It’s the motto for this year’s class – Class of 2021 Strong! A unique announcement for this year’s high schoolers, this one is time capsule worthy.

Featured products: Grad Strong


Happy creating, Class of 2021!