If you have a child you know one thing is certain: kids love animals. Which is why there’s no more popular kid’s birthday party theme than one that involves animals of any kind.

From puppy-themed birthday parties to whimsical unicorns, kids go bonkers for a party theme that involves their favorite animal of the moment. For this theme, we’re going with wildly popular jungle animals.

Featured invitation: Party Animal

Send a Jungle Animal Birthday Party Invite

Name someone who doesn’t love receiving a party invitation in the mail. See? You can’t! This is the happiest mail to open and lets you kick off the party in style that shares you party theme the moment your friends and family slip that cute little invite from the envelope.

The invitation in our kid’s party mood board is the super adorable Party Animals invitation. It features a giraffe, toucan, elephant, tiger and zebra who are ready to party! The “Calling All Party Animals” theme is also absolutely adorable and the color palette will inspire your entire celebration!

Go Wild with Decorations

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to set the mood for a jungle themed birthday party. Take a nod from the color palette on the invitation to create a jungle of your own, right in your living room.

Order jungle-themed balloons from your local party supply store. We love the monochromatic green balloons in the mood board. Adding in mylar balloons shaped like jungle animals will add a fun elements for the party and will last for weeks afterward.

Another simple and cost effective way to decorate is to use your collection of jungle stuffed animals! The kids absolutely love it. If you’re short on animals, put the call out to friends and family and you’re sure to have a jungle of stuffies in no time.

Jungle Themed Food

Creating a buffet of jungle-themed food is a must. Check out that snake-shaped sub sandwich! It simply doesn’t get any more fun, or funnier, than that! You could even create a kid-friendly peanut butter and jelly version.

For dessert, splurge on ordering custom cookies that fit your party theme. And don’t forget a sweet animal-themed cake for the birthday boy or girl!

Photo Credits: Table Backdrop: Momo Party , Snake Sandwich: Simply Beautiful by Angela , Smash Cake: Elizabeth Frederick Photography, Cookies: Royally Iced Sweets