Finally, Covid is over…well, it’s over-ish. While 2020 went down in the history books, 2021 hasn’t exactly been normal either. But, the light at the end of the Covid tunnel has been shining bright and this year’s collection of 2021 Christmas cards sum up all our feeling about this wild ride.

Featured Christmas Card: All is Still Bright

Our designers have approached this year’s collection of Covid Christmas cards with dash of humor, a pinch of hope and a whole lot of gratitude. Here are our favorite photo cards that let you share your sweet family and personalized message, all wrapped up in style that’s just soooo 2021.

1. The Weary World Rejoices

It feels like our entire country just let out a collective sigh of relief, doesn’t it? We can’t think of a better message for the Christmas season than the heartfelt saying “the weary world rejoices”.

The religious undertone, modern design and personalized details (choose your fonts, choose your colors) make this heartwarming Christmas card our top choice for 2021.

Featured Christmas Card: Rejoicing Christmas Card

2. Looking Back on Our Blessings  

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you realize exactly what matters most.

This trifold card has a family newsletter style that lets you share tons of snippets and a whole lot of photos too. The “looking back on our blessings” theme is such an amazing choice, especially coming off the heels of Covid.

Featured Christmas Card: Blessed Year Christmas Card

3. This Will Have to Do

Still haven’t gotten to a professional photographer? Don’t sweat it. In fact, consider it a blessing because this funny card is just TOO good.

Add a photo of your wild crew being…well…themselves, and you’ve got a funny Christmas card that’ll deliver big laughs.

Featured Christmas Card: This Will Do Christmas Card

4. All Was Not Calm, All Is Still Bright

2021 was most definitely NOT calm. But, it was still bright!

This super funny card reminds us that even when life feels out of our control, there is still joy to be found.

Featured Christmas Card: All is Still Bright Christmas Card

5. The Simplest Things Bring the Greatest Joy

The pandemic did have one silver lining: priorities were reset and we found joy in the small things.

This folding Christmas card is just perfect for families and especially great if you have one awesome photo to display next to the quote “the simplest things bring the greatest joy”.

Featured Christmas Card: Greatest Joy Christmas Card