If you’re browsing photo Christmas cards, you might be surprised to see just how many options you have for fun formats and unique printing processes. Over the years, foil-pressed cards have become wildly popular and it’s easy to see why.

But what exactly is a foil holiday card? It’s a greeting card that has sparkling metallic foil stamped onto a card, usually in the form of a design element like snowflakes, frames or fun botanical prints.

Foil-stamping – also known as foil-pressing – is applied by pressing a metal die onto the paper, then using heat and pressure to transfer the foiled design onto the paper.

The results shimmers and shines in the light, which is absolutely perfect for the holiday season!

Featured Christmas cards: Merry,  Merry Glow, Festive Foliage

We have a huge selection of photo Christmas cards with foil, but we do have a few favorites! Here they are (in no particular order):

1. A Classic Choice: Glowing Greeting

This Christmas card is perfectly simple, but the foil-stamping gives it an unexpected pop of fun:


Featured Christmas card: Glowing Greeting

2. Modern and Fun: Holiday Hello

What a cheerful greeting! Between the folded detail and “holiday hello” greeting, this cutie is ready to be customized with your own family’s photos.

Featured Christmas card: Holiday Hello Trifold

3. Botanical Beauty: Winter Garland

If you want to send a Christmas card that’s beautiful, this is it. The frame of greenery is foil-stamped on any color you choose. The combinations are endless!

Featured Christmas card: Winter Garland

4. Perfectly Simple: Merrily Framed

Frame your family in a glowing frame with this simple foil-stamped Christmas card that both simple and gorgeous, all at once. It’s available in both vertical and horizontal formats.

Featured Christmas card: Merrily Framed Vertical and Merrily Framed Horizontal

5. A Cheerful Message: Blessed Joy

It’s a classic Christmas card lyric stamped in glowing foil – Joy to the World! The gatefold format is extra fun, and holds tons of photos too.

Featured Christmas card: Blessed Joy

6. Vacation Themed: Seaside Wishes

Whether you live near the beach or have great vacation photos to share, this warm-wishes themed design is absolutely perfect.

Featured Christmas card: Seaside Wishes

7. Shout it Loud: JOY!  

We love a bold message and this one’s awesome: JOY! Add a joy-filled set of photos to make this foil-pressed holiday card exude happiness.

Featured Christmas card: Joy