It’s time to create your annual photo Christmas card! Whether you love this task or loathe it, the final result is always worth it! We like to think of your Christmas card as a snapshot in time. Collect them year after year, and soon you’ll have a treasured collection of photo cards that show off your growing family through the years.

Our newest newspaper Christmas cards have absolutely stolen our hearts! Want to create your own newspaper-inspired design, but not quite sure what to write about? Let us help you get started…

Featured Christmas card: Merriest Moments

1. Spotlight Each Family Member

Be sure to give each family member their own write up! Yes, even one for yourself (we’re talking to you, mom).

For the kids, be sure to note their age and school grade, if it applies. Then, add something about them that’s fun to share. Here are a few examples:

Morgan turned 8 in September and she’s our little star! She’s enjoying 2nd grade, but would prefer to move to Hollywood to pursue her acting career. In the meantime, you can find her twirling on the stage in her tutu and tights.

Alistair is officially a teenager and we just cannot believe it. He also started 7th grade and loves his new school. When he’s not glued to his Xbox, you’ll find him on the soccer, baseball or football field!

We delighted to introduce our newest family member, Harrison James. “Harry” joined our family on August 21st and has been the perfect addition. So far, he’s firmly focused on sleeping, eating and snuggles.

Kate has kept very busy this year, working as an RN at Mayo Health Systems in the NICU. Juggling work and home life is forever a balance, but these awesome kiddos make it that much easier!

Karl has taken on a second job this year – home school teacher! This is in addition to his job as IT Manager at MaxID. He stands by his theory that programming was much easier than teaching Alistair 6th grade Algebra.

2. A Vacation Brag

Everyone loves to hear about your travels, and you’ll love capturing the memories from them! Share a couple vacation photos and add a blurb about a fun moment from your trip. Here’s an example:

This year, we took the trip of a lifetime – to Disney World! It was magical..and EXHAUSTING! But, we made incredible memories. We joked we won’t be going back until we have grandkids in tow.

Featured Christmas card: The News

3. Updates on Furry Family Members

Of course, your dog, cat – heck, even the fish – deserves a shout-out on your photo card. Not sure what to say? Here are a couple examples:

Olive turned 3 this year and we all agree she’s the most spoiled member of our family. She loves cheese, hates thunderstorms and is always on the hunt for socks to chew on. We love our furry stinker!

Everyone, meet Tony. This scaly, but lovable fishy is the newest member of the Larson clan. Veronica has been binge watching Who’s the Boss and yes, this fish is named after Tony Danza.

4. Big Family Updates

New house? New job? Marriage? Graduation? If you had a major life event happen, and you want to share it, your holiday card is a perfect place for it. Some ideas of what to say:

We’re building a house! This plot of land is ours, and soon, we’ll break ground on our new home. We expect it to be completed next summer and just cannot even wait to begin working on the details!

So proud to announce that Oliva graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Data Systems! She accepted a position with Amita Healthcare in Denver and is loving her new life in Colorado.

5. Small and Special Moments

It’s the little things that make your world go around, and these are the moments that are extra fun to share! Baby’s first steps, your toddler’s newest obsession, family movie nights. Sharing your family’s sweetest moments will make your newspaper-themed Christmas card so much sweeter! Here are a few examples to get you started:

Nico took his first steps in October. Malia lured him across the room by holding out a handful of M&Ms. At 14 months old, he went from walking to full on running in about 3 days!

Evie and Sophia became entrepreneurs this summer! They ran the E&S Lemonade Stand every Thursday and donated all their proceeds to our local food shelf.

Mark and Karen subjected the kids to a family movie night featuring Labyrinth. We still love it. The kids were horrified and still cannot believe we loved that movie in the 80s!


We hope this leaves you feeling inspired to create your own family newspaper card! From our team to your family, best wishes this holiday season.