What to Say on Christmas Cards after Big Life Events

Sometimes it's tough to figure out just what to say in Christmas cards after some of life's big events. Whether it's a happy occasion or a sad one, sometimes you just don't have the words…but we can help!

Here are some wording examples you can use verbatim or you can tweak to say exactly what you want. Who knows? Maybe they'll inspire you to write something 100% unique. Whatever you do, our goal is to help you enjoy writing your Christmas cards this year no matter what life has thrown at you.

The Happy Stuff

Baby - Whether you choose to send Christmas birth announcements focused on your newest little one or holiday cards that give a shout-out to your newest addition, here are some fun and loving wording suggestions to help you spread the word.

Festive Wording

Santa came early this year! We welcomed our baby girl, Lydia Jane, into our hearts and home on November 30.

This holiday season, we got the BEST GIFT EVER! Her name is Gloria Braylin and she is just a bundle of love. She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces and was 21 inches long.

Faith-Inspired Wording

Our tiny blessing, Robert Zachariah, was born on December 12. He weighed 8lbs, 15oz and measured 20in long. We couldn't have received a more precious gift this holiday season.

Funny Wording

All is not calm but all is bright with this beautiful baby boy lighting up our lives! We are so excited to announce Myles Brandon, the newest addition to our happy little family.

Marriage - Your first Christmas together means your first holiday card as husband and wife! Such an exciting time and it deserves a special mention in your holiday cards.

Festive Wording

This is our first Christmas as husband and wife, so we are having a VERY MARRIED Christmas! We got married on June 17, we honeymooned in Mexico in late August and it was so much fun. Some of the highlights included snorkeling with manatees, a catamaran ride and lots of drinks on the beach!

Fun and Lighthearted

We're sending holiday wishes from the Mr. & Mrs.! Our wedding was on a beautiful day in April surrounded by loved ones. It was absolutely wonderful and we've been enjoying newlywed life very much. We spent a lot of time at his family's cabin over the summer and we've spent the fall doing some much-needed projects around the home. We've gotten some skiing in this winter and even a little snowshoeing.

Traditional Wording

Merry Christmas from the newly married! John and I were married on September 18 and we had a ball that day. Now we'll start looking for a home to purchase in the spring. We're very excited and are already itching to go house hunting. I've been watching way too many home improvement shows but don't worry, John assures me we will not be buying a fixer upper. LOL!

Graduation - Here are some great wording options for mentioning graduation in your Christmas cards but remember to find the right style of card for your family. Check out our Family Sayings Christmas Cards and find your favorite!

Child Graduating, Continuing Education

Our oldest daughter, Kelly, graduated from high school in the spring and just completed her first semester at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She's taking general education courses this year in hopes to figure out what she wants to major in by her sophomore year. Her favorite class so far was astronomy because they let the students use the observatory, which she loved!

Marcus just graduated from Penn State this December! He's still living in Pennsylvania and working as a bartender while he applies for various jobs throughout the state. He really likes it out there and although we're sad we won't be seeing him more often, we are very excited for him to start this new chapter.

Child Graduating, Not Continuing Education

Our youngest daughter, Cassie, graduated high school in the spring and is waiting to attend college for at least a year. She'll be working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the local nursing home and living at home until she figures out what she wants to go to school for. We're excited for Cassie to have this time for herself and to take this next step at her own pace.

High school graduation this last spring was a lot of fun but it feels a little surreal not having any kiddos running around the house. Missy is finishing up her vet tech degree this spring and Kenneth has decided to work construction rather than go to college or a tech school. He really likes the work, the guys and the company. Brandon and I are enjoying a newfound freedom, even if it is a little bittersweet. We'll probably take on a few house projects to keep ourselves busy!

Derek graduated high school in the spring and is living at home for the time being. He's not sure what that next step will be and is taking some time to think about it. Maggie and I have taken up cross-country skiing this winter and we have really enjoyed exploring the state trails around our home. If you're in the area, let us know! We'll take you on a tour of the countryside.



We like to move it, move it! The Watsons are on the move and settling in to a new home as of December 15. Remember our new address because we want to stay in touch and email just doesn't cut it. [Address Here]

We moved! Where were you? We could have used your help…just kidding! Our new address is [Address Here]


We moved! We wanted to let you know our new address so you can update your address books and keep sending us amazing Christmas cards. We want to keep in touch and we definitely want you to visit! [Address here]

As of June 12, 2018, we are now Texans! Well, officially we're Texans, but at heart we're still Minnesotans. We miss all of you very much and we really hope you can come visit us in our new home. Our new address is [Address Here]

Super Simple

New home, new address! [Address Here]

No wording needed. Add just moved address labels to any correspondence like holiday cards or party invitations.

Career Change

New Company

I'm very happy to share that I recently accepted a position with a new company! I had been looking to change companies for a while and a good friend recommended that I apply to her company. I've been working there for just over two months and I've really enjoyed learning a new role and taking on new responsibilities. Plus, no more 45-minute commute since it's a local business!

New Role

Life has been filled with surprises this year! Back in the spring, I was offered a managerial position at my current company. I was hesitant to take the offer since managing employees is a big commitment but I'm happy to say I accepted and it's been going really well!

New Responsibilities

As many of you know, I've been working for Carlson Publishing for a few years now but recently I was asked to take on a few new accounts. These accounts have kept me on my toes and the days at work are flying by but I must say that I have really enjoyed the new challenge and it makes me very proud of my work and my company.

The Not-so-happy Stuff

Involuntary Job Loss

New Job

I hope the holidays are being good to you and your loved ones. Every year has its ups and downs but I experienced a tough change this fall. I was let go of my job after 21 years with the company. The company hasn't been doing well for a few years and they were forced to lay off quite a few employees. I have since found another job and am getting familiar with all the new responsibilities. It's going well but I think it will take a few years for me to get comfortable in my new role. Thank you for all the kinds words of encouragement over the last year. They mean so much to me!

Can't Work

I just want to share with all of you some recent events in my life. Some of you may know that back in June, I experienced a severe back injury while working on a construction site. I spent the summer and fall recovering from this injury and I'm currently undergoing extensive physical therapy to regain muscle in my back as well as minimize pain. I'm very lucky that I've been able to manage my pain without pills and the therapists are hopeful that I will be able to return to work in the spring. However, it's likely I will have to apply for an office position. Connie and I have been working through this as best we can. Please know that we both have appreciated all the help our family and friends have provided. It warms our hearts to know you all care so deeply.


With Kids

This may come as a surprise but after careful thought and consideration, Gary and I have decided to separate. We know this is upsetting to many and please know that the decision was not easy. We care about each other deeply and we always will but ending the relationship was really the best choice for the two of us, and ultimately for our family. The divorce should be final in the spring.

Gary is living just a few blocks away in an apartment so he can still see the kids every day. We will be putting the house up for sale in the spring so the kids and I can move into something a little smaller. This is sad news for a Christmas card, I know, but we want to be as open and honest about this change as possible and we would really appreciate your kindness and support as we go through this.

Without Kids

The holidays are filled with joy and laughter as we all gather with our families and friends reminiscing about years past and dreaming about future celebrations. As I dream about future holidays, I regret to say that Sean will not be a part of them. It's no surprise to many of you that we've experienced some challenges in our 5 short years together. Unfortunately, we have not been able to overcome these challenges and have decided it's better for both of us to end the marriage. Our divorce has already been finalized and we have both moved into separate apartments. Please forgive me for being distant this last year as this has been a very difficult time. I promise to make more time for all of you this coming year as I start a new chapter in my life.


Temporary Illness/Injury

We had quite the scare this summer when Larry fell off the ladder while shingling the house and broke his femur. Surgery involved inserting a rod into the bone with screws above and below to hold it into place. As you can imagine, recovery was lengthy. Larry is just now starting to feel back to his old self. We are so thankful for family and friends during this entire process. You have all been so wonderful!

Chronic Illness

We have always loved the holidays because they are a time of such joy and celebration, however our holiday season started out with some unfortunate news we'd like to share with you. Carol was diagnosed with fybromyalgia in October of this year. We've been traveling back and forth to Mayo Hospital in Rochester for doctor's visits and treatment options. She has started a medication that seems to be helping the pain and we continue to work with the doctors to find the best treatment plan for her. We are hopeful the pain can be managed but we would very much appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we take this journey.

We love all of you very much, and we wish you health and happiness this holiday season and throughout the new year.

Life-Threatening Illness

These are by far the hardest holiday message to write. We've drafted a few messages to help you write your Christmas cards, and here are some Bible verses from the Joy in the Home Blog that may fit beautifully into your holiday message.


Christmas has taken on a new meaning for us. A season that was once all about joyful gatherings and holiday celebrations has now become a time of quiet reflection. Thomas was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease three years ago. His decline has been steady ever since then, and about 6 months ago he entered a specialized care facility. Doctors believe it's just a matter of weeks before my sweet Thomas departs.

We so very much appreciate your thoughts and prayers throughout this entire journey. It has been difficult to say the least but the love of family and friends is what gets us through. We ask just one favor this holiday season, please remember the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus died for each of us because God so loved His children. Jesus died for my sweet Thomas, and I take great comfort in knowing that Jesus will soon welcome my Thomas home.

Not Faith-Inspired

As many of you know, Colin was in a motorcycle accident about three months ago. He was riding his motorcycle on the freeway when another car moved into his lane without seeing him. He has been in the hospital in critical condition for months. We have some difficult decisions ahead of us but the support of friends and family like you has really kept us going. Keep us in your thoughts this holiday season, and please come visit Colin before his condition worsens. We love you all and appreciate your kind words during these tough times. If you wish to see updates about Colin, please visit our Caring Bridge site: [LINK TO SITE]


Of an Adult

This year has been a tough year. My brother, Harry, moved into our home in March after having a severe stroke. I am a retired nurse and I strongly felt that I should take care of him rather than place him in a home. Although it has been a very difficult and humbling experience it has also been an incredible blessing to make his end of life experience as meaningful as possible. He passed away on November 1. My family and I miss him greatly. He was so full of life before the stroke and he still had that spark even after. We're getting used to having the house back and I'm getting used to having a little more freedom but I miss my dear brother very much. If I have one piece of advice to give, hold your loved ones close this Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all. We love you all very much.

Of a Child

I thought about not writing a Christmas card this year. After all, it's difficult to reflect on the last year when it has been the hardest year of our lives. Luke and I lost our little boy, Brandon. As many of you know, he was ten years old battling cancer, and he just couldn't win the fight. Even though he was incredibly brave and driven to beat it, God had other plans and in the end, Brandon understood that.

This first holiday season without him is no doubt the hardest thing we've had to experience yet. Our home just isn't the same without his smile and laughter but we still take time to remember him, to reflect on past years and holidays because those memories are all we have and we cherish them.

We really can't thank you all enough for all the kindness and generosity you have shown us. If there is one positive thing that comes from such loss, it is seeing an outpouring of love and support from all of you. That is truly a blessing. We wish you a most wonderful holiday season but most all, we wish you time with those you love.

From Substance Abuse

The last couple of years have been filled with ups and downs. Sam and I have been fighting a quiet battle these last few years trying to help our son recover from alcoholism, and in the end it took his life. He was such a loving and caring soul, and we wonder every day where things went wrong. He tried over and over again to beat this awful disease but some battles are just too overwhelming. We are spending the holidays reflecting on his life and mourning his death. His brother and sister are spending lots of time here. We're all so hurt by his loss but just being together seems to help. Maybe this year will be a year of healing for us, and we appreciate your love, support and understanding as we do that.

At Pear Tree, we believe in heartfelt communication, whatever that may entail. Social media is so great at giving us an outlet for celebrating the good in our lives but it often feels like there isn't space for the not so good. We believe in making space for both, and we hope these wording suggestions help you recognize all of life's big events in a way that inspires true connection with family and friends.

The team at Pear Tree sends all of you best wishes for a happy and heartfelt holiday season.

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