The spookiest holiday of them all is also the most fun of them all! If you love Halloween as much as we do, you’re probably in full-on party planning mode. From costume parties to pumpkin-carving parties, Halloween presents an opportunity to throw such fun themed-soirees!

If you’re thinking about throwing a party this year, and want to include the whole neighborhood, a Halloween Block Party is such a fun idea! Everyone – from the kids to adults – will have a blast. Gather a few of your favorite neighbors and let’s get planning!

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Make it a Potluck

Food is a must at a Halloween party and if you’re throwing one this big, make sure to make it a pot luck. Assign a category based on house number to make sure you have all the bases covered. For instance:

Odd-Numbered Houses: Bring a Side Dish and Beverage
Even-Numbered Houses: Bring a Main Dish and Dessert

The hosts or hostesses can chip in to provide paper plates, cups and ice.

Invite with a Spooky-Cute Invitation

To make sure no one gets left out, invite with real, paper Halloween Party Invitations. Personalize yours with all the details, including details about what to bring and what to expect! The neighborhood kids will love hand-delivering the party invites door-to-door!

Create Kid-Friendly Activities

A Halloween Block Party is all about the kids! Creating activities that keep them busy (while the parents are having their own fun) doesn’t have to be fussy. Team up with other parents and share in dreaming up memory-making crafts, games and more.

Some fun Halloween Party ideas to get you started:

  • Make a Pumpkin Carving Station
  • Paint Your Own Pumpkin Center
  • Bobbing for Apples or a Donut Dangle
  • Set up a Photo Booth with Props
  • Pin the Bone on the Skeleton
  • Set up a Projector and Play Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies

Host a Costume Contest

Encourage neighbors to dress-up by offering up fun prizes! Create fun categories like:

  • Cutest Family Costume
  • Scariest Costume
  • Best Book Character Costume
  • Scariest Costume
  • Coolest 90’s Themed Costume


Happy haunting, neighbors!