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Make their next birthday party one to remember! Creating a fun celebration for your birthday boy starts with finding an awesome theme.

Overwhelmed with all the choices of themes and ideas? Check out our five most popular party theme ideas for boys. Plus, we’ve included a fun activity with each theme to get your party started!

1. A Dinosaur Dig

Have a boy who loves dinosaurs? We adore this theme because it’s timeless and it’s easy to pull together details that the kids will be thrilled about!

Invite with this adorable dinosaur birthday invitation. The dinosaur characters are super cute and you can change the background color to fit your boy’s favorite color too.

Keep the party rolling with unique dino activities! We love the idea of burying toy dinosaur bones or mini dinosaurs in your sand box to create your own dig. Have brushes, scoops and shovels ready and set the kids off to uncover dinosaur treasure.

The kids will come hungry, and this dinosaur-themed birthday party meal is SO EASY! Head to your local super store and find frozen dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. Fire up that air fryer and have plenty of dipping sauce ready. Not only is this snack an absolute crowd-pleaser; it’s cheap and simple too.

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2. Backyard Camp Out

If your boy loves all things outdoors and camping, a birthday camping theme is perfect for him!

Invite all his friends with this camping birthday party invitation, featuring tents under the night’s stars and all your custom party details.

There is one sweet treat that’s a must if you’re throwing a backyard campout: S’mores! Stock up on fluffy marshmallows, crackers and chocolate. Add unique additions like peanut butter cups, strawberries and Oreos to the mix too – the boys will go wild over your fancy s’mores bar.

In your backyard, pitch tents for the kids to play in, and maybe even sleep in if you’re ambitious. Either way, this theme will be so fun to pull off! The birthday boy will be the happiest camper on the block!

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3. Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Put me in coach! Let’s plan the perfect, baseball-themed birthday! If your little guy loves all things baseball, this theme will be a home run.

Start with this sporty and fun baseball birthday party invitation that features bats and pennant flags in your choice of color. On the invitation, ask guests to wear baseball fan gear!

The best part about baseball games is the food, right? Replicate baseball-favorite foods by creating your own concession stand full of treats! Peanuts, hotdogs, sunflower seeds, popcorn and more.

Besides a classic game of whiffle ball, add some other baseball activities like knocking down tin cans with baseballs. If it’s a warm summer day, batting practice with water balloons will be a total hit too!

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4. Blast Off Birthday!

Have a budding astronaut in your life? This party theme will be a blast!

The astronaut birthday invitation features a rocket blasting off into space and a galaxy of stars on the front and back. Super cute for this outer space themed birthday!

The best way to blast-off at a space birthday party is with real rockets! Buy some stomp rocket, set up a launch area, and let the kids go wild. They’ll LOVE watching their rockets blast off into the sky. Pro tip: buy two or three so there’s extra rockets to go around.

Space-themed food and treats are a must, and fun and easy to pull together. Milky Way candy bars, cosmic brownies and star sandwiches are just a few easy ideas. And don’t forget to stir up some rocket fuel punch to keep the astronauts hydrated.

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5. Birthday Construction Zone  

Boys tend to love dirt, trucks, rocks and all things construction-orange (if you know, you know!). A construction birthday party theme will totally rock their world, and it’s easy to throw together.

We love this construction birthday party invitation featuring orange and yellow designs with a giant crane. Plus, there’s room to fit all your birthday-zone details.

The food at a construction party can be so cute! Pretzel sticks become logs and Oreo pudding transforms into dirt. Load chocolate donuts in a clean dump truck as spare tires – the kids will think this is the funniest!

Construction toys, dirt, sand and rocks are all you need to set up a birthday construction zone for the birthday boy and friends. Use chalk to make a road on your driveway and give them lots of things to haul around and dump out at the party. Don’t forget to order some construction cones to keep things orderly and cute!

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Happy birthday party planning, all!