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It’s that time of the year again – birthday party planning time! Creating a fun celebration for your birthday girl begins with choosing a theme. Trust us, it’ll actually make planning her party easier!

Feeling stuck on what theme to choose? Get inspired with our five favorite unique birthday party themes for girls. Each one includes a fun activity which we all know is key to a successful birthday bash.

1. Tie-Dye and Treats

The tie-dye trend is here to stay (did it ever really leave?!). We love this party theme because it’s trendy and includes and activity and favor all in one.

First, invite with this adorable tie-dye party invite. If the birthday girl doesn’t love pink, change the color to her favorite! It would be cute in purple, yellow or blue…the sky’s the limit with this custom design.

Throwing a tie-dye themed birthday party means you must tie-dye! Set up a tie-dye station outside or in your garage (it’s gonna get messy!) and make sure you have gloves for all the girls. You can purchase a tie-dye kits from your local craft store and load up on white t-shirt, socks and bandanas. The girls will love this unique birthday party activity.

For the treat portion of this theme, create a rainbow-themed candy bar that coordinates with the tie-dye vibe! Provide take-home bags so the girls can enjoy the sugar buzz even after the party ends.

Featured product: Tie Dye birthday party invitation

2. Flamingos and Fun

Pink flamingos = the cutest birthday party theme for girls! This theme is SO CUTE and perfect for a pool party.

Kick off the party with a flamingo invitation adorned with the cutest pool floaties. Since you can personalize all the details, adding all the party details in easy!

Of course, a pool is a must for this cute theme. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool at home, we’re jealous! Hosting your party at your local pool, or even a lake, is another great option.

Purchase a pink flamingo float for each girl – this can double as their party favor and will create some adorable photo opportunities too! Keeping the girls busy during a pool party is simple…just let them swim!

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3. Pajamas and Pancakes

If you’re thinking about hosting a slumber party for your girl’s birthday, this whimsical theme is just too cute!

This cute sleepover party invitation is irresistible and sets the scene for the most fun birthday party ever!

Hosting a slumber party will take some planning. Create a list of activities to keep the girls busy (and wear them out so they actually sleep!). The girls will love a scavenger hunt, minute-to-win-it games, charades and a good old movie night.

In the morning, create a pancake feast, complete with fun toppings like whipped cream and sprinkles. Then, send those girls home and it’s time for mom to take a nap!

Featured product: Pajamas and Pancakes birthday party invitation

4. Donut Grow Up

This theme is especially cute for toddlers and younger girls. After all, you’re always telling them to stop growing up, right?

Invite friends and family members to her party with this absolutely adorable Donut Grow Up themed invitation. The cute phase will make every party-goer smile and get them exciting for a sweet treat too!

Donuts are star of the show for this theme and there are so many fun ways to display them. From an over-the-top donut wall to a donut cake, have fun with this!

If you’re looking for a donut-themed activity that little ones will enjoy, create a donut decorating table. Buy some plain donuts, lots of frosting in the birthday girl’s favorite colors, plus sprinkles and candy. To turn this activity into a take home favor, let each girl decorate several extra donuts to take home and share!

Featured product: Donut Grow Up birthday party invitation

5. Four-Legged Friends 

Most little girls go through a phase of being dog-obsessed! If this describes your little princess, throwing a dog-themed party is a must!

We just love this dog birthday party invitation, featuring the cutest little French bulldog. The color palette can be changed, but we sure do love the pink!

If you’re wondering what kind of activity to do at her dog-themed party, we have a suggestion! Call your local animal shelter and see if they’ll host a tour and meet-and-greet with the animals. For a donation to the shelter, many are happy to do this! The girls will like seeing behind-the-scenes and yes, they’ll probably fall in love with the pooches too.

If the birthday girl wants to give back, ask her friends to bring a donation, like dog food or treats, to the shelter instead of a gift. This sweet gesture teaches a valuable lesson and will make the birthday girl feel like a superhero!

Featured product: French Bulldog birthday party invitation

Happy birthday party planning, all!