Glam Graduation Party Ideas

Every graduation party has its own vibe. And the best way to make the party your own is to start with your grad. What are her interests? How can you use her personality to come up with a party theme? Here are a few easy ways to incorporate your grad’s story into your graduation party ideas. We’ve chosen a girl’s pink and gold glitter theme, but the same ideas and design elements can work for any theme.

What girl doesn’t love a little glitter in her life? We made this party extra sparkly with our Glam Grad Graduation Announcements, and sprinkled gold glitter accents everywhere!
Graduation Announcements -- Glam Grad Horizontal Photo
A girly party like this calls for a girly meal. We made adorable chicken salad sandwich triangles and fruit kabobs on skewers. You could also add some fresh veggies displayed neatly. For the beverages we chose lemonade with coordinating pink striped paper straws and edible glitter rims on the milk glasses. To get the glitter rim we dipped the glasses in some vanilla and then dipped them in edible glitter or sugar sprinkles. For the backdrop on this glam table setup we used our Glam Grad Gold Party Decorations and stuck them to the wall in a fun gradient/fading pattern.
Graduation Party Ideas
Every party has to have centerpieces! We created a few different looks using flowers, mason jars, Glam Grad Gold Party Decorations and a few other items. These are definitely not your typical graduation party centerpieces; they are fun, grown up, and still really simple. Add some fabric to get a different look or use double-sided tape and glitter to add sparkle.
Graduation Party Ideas
We had a lot of fun with the backdrop on the dessert table, and it is really easy to do too! We bought five different fabrics and cut them into strips. Then we tied them onto several pieces of twine and hung each string vertically. We then attached more glittery party decorations to the fabric. We love with this backdrop idea for any table! As for the desserts, we made sure they also tied into the glitter theme. We chose a cake, cupcakes and cake pops, and decorated each with either edible glitter or glitter cupcake wrappers. Feel free to mix up the desserts to give the guests a variety. To get the cupcake wraps and cake pop sticks visit Dress My Cupcake. And don’t forget the personalized graduation napkins!
Graduation Party Ideas
If you are looking for something different for guest book ideas, look no further! We set up a photo booth with gold streamers and balloons. All of the guests will have their pictures taken in front of this and the photos are printed out immediately so guests can place them on scrapbook pages with little notes for the grad to look back on. This is such a fun way for the grad to remember their party.
Graduation Party Ideas

Visit our grad collection to see these and coordinating graduation announcements and decorations along with many more designs to inspire you. Or get some more great graduation party ideas on our blog. Have fun with your grad party planning!

Graduation Announcements

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  1. OMG Where did you get the gold cupcake wrappers?? I might use some of these ideas for a bridal shower im hosting!!! Great tips!!!

    1. Great question, Elizabeth! We got the gold glitter picture frames from Hobby Lobby and could probably find them at any arts & crafts store. Hope that helps! If you do have a party, we’d love to see your photos by linking your blog/Pinterest page/Facebook page to our blog! 🙂 Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry your comment didn’t show up. But, I’m glad to hear you like the blog post. We hope it has been helpful for family and grad to plan their graduation party!

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