I’ll admit, sending Christmas Cards does get harder as your kids get older. I can think of lots of excuses not to, from lack of photos to lack of funds (hello, college tuition!).

But, I also know that sending Christmas cards is about more than sharing photos of growing babies and toddlers. As our kids grow and even leave the nest, it doesn’t mean that our Christmas-card-sending tradition should end.

Holiday Season – Holiday Card

Why continue to send Christmas cards when your kids aren’t little anymore? We could go on and on, but here are 7 reasons to keep sending holiday those cards!

1. A Yearly Connection is Important

In a world full of barely-a-sentence-texts and tweets, a traditional Christmas card is a breath of fresh air. Think about it – don’t you just LOVE getting real cards in the mail?! Keep this annual point of connection alive, even once your kids are grown, is so important.

2. Share Photos of Your Grown-Up Kids!

You may be mourning the lack of cute baby photos to use in your cards but, when you think about it, cute kids are a dime a dozen. Share photos of your grown kids too! Your loved ones will adore seeing the adventures your grown children are having just as much as they loved seeing their chubby cheeks adorning your holiday card so many years ago.

Most Dysfunctional – Christmas Card

3. Brag About Big-Kid Milestones

Let’s be real: it’s not till they’re older that kids start to get truly interesting. They find their own interests, graduate from high school and college, make careers for themselves, get married and even have kids of their own. Making a newsletter style Christmas card is a super fun way to share each and every accomplishment.

4. Loved Ones Want to Know About YOU!

Okay – let’s forget about the kids for a moment. How are YOU? Yes, you! Your friends and family want to know! Be sure to include photos of yourself, as well as any news, big or small, that you want to share.

Faithful Season – Christmas Card


5. You Can Be Creative

When your kids are all grown up and living away from home, getting one great family photo might be tough. Embrace this obstacle instead of letting it stand in the way of creating a photo holiday card.

Ask you kids to send you some of their best selfies and candid shots right off their camera roll. Then, create a photo collage card with snapshots of the whole fam.

Virtual Christmas – Christmas Card


6. You Can Show-Off Your Grandkids

If you’re blessed with grandchildren, the holidays are the perfect time to show them off. Our newest collection of grandparent Christmas cards is so cute and heartwarming; the hardest part is deciding on which design to send.

Grandchildren are Love – Christmas Card

7. Your Friends and Family LOVE Getting Your Card

Don’t go breaking hearts this holiday! Everyone loves getting your card…keep the tradition going!


Happy Christmas card making, everyone!