Angie had a girl! Little Kate Emma arrived yesterday at 12:41 in the afternoon. Mom and baby are doing AMAZING. But, I will say, I’m glad her experience went NOTHING like mine. I briefly went and saw them at the end of the day yesterday, but plan on returning to the hospital tonight with my husband and son. We’ve said from the time Angie got pregnant (I was pregnant at the time) that our kids would be friends even if they didn’t want to be…so they had better finally meet! Except Angie has already put restrictions on how ‘good’ of friends they become. Poor Connor. Will post some pictures of all of us together soon. (first have to take the pictures, which we will tonight)

On our front, our lives have returned to somewhat of a normal state. We are officially moved into our new home, have a few boxes left to figure out what to do with and Connor’s room needs some major attention (boy does that kid have stuff!), but it’s so nice to go home, and just, be home.

See you tomorrow!