The goodbye thank you noteRecently a staff member told us about a unique take on traditional thank you cards that we wanted to share with you. Every time she left a job, whether it was on her own accord or not, she made a point to hand-write a personal note (on her personalized stationery, of course!) to each of the people who had helped her along the way. This thank you card idea has enabled her to build and maintain a network of mentors, supporters, colleagues and friends, which she continues to treasure.

A simple personalized note, telling someone that they’ve been an important contributor to your career and that you’d like them to stay that way—it’s such a simple idea, and yet so powerful. Most people write some sort of goodbye note upon leaving a job, and usually it’s a mass email. How much more thoughtful and memorable to single out a few for a special thank you! It’s the kind of thoughtfulness that leaves a lasting impression, and not-so-coincidentally makes people want to stay in contact with you. That’s a big accomplishment for one little note.

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