Top 5 Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas
Graduation season is nearly upon us and that signifies an incredible achievement not only for the graduate, but also for his or her family. Planning a unique and memorable graduation party can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you find ways to add the perfect personalized touch! These top 5 graduation party ideas started with by choosing the graduation announcements for inspiration and incorporating graduation party decorations from Pear Tree Greetings. Just add a touch of DIY from family or friends to finalize the party setup.

1. The Year in Photos. This graduation party idea has been a hit with our followers on Pinterest, receiving over 11,000 repins! The Year in Photos idea came from our Kraft & Shine Graduation Party that was inspired by our Kraft Ribbon Booklet Graduation Announcements. For this idea, organize printed photos in the shape of your graduation year. Add festive-colored balloons for an added touch.
Graduation Party Ideas

2. The Year in Cupcakes. This graduation party idea looks delicious! The Year in Cupcakes idea came from one of our Featured Favorites who used the Trifold Dots Graduation Announcements for a joint graduation party and personalized it with bright, fun colors that matched their outfits in the photos. For this idea, they cut out cardboard numbers for the class year and used props to lift the numbers off the table to give it some dimension. Add delicious cupcakes with sprinkles that match the invitation and you have yourself a (tasty) hit!
Graduation Party Ideas

3. Elegant Table Decor. This graduation party idea features an elegant table display using a chic, black tablecloth filled with flowers, mason jars, gift boxes and our Painted Year Table Decor personalized with photos of the graduate. Take inspiration from this idea and add your personal twist to it.
Graduation Party Ideas

4. Wall of Memories. This graduation party idea came from our All Star Graduation Party that incorporated various sports-themed ideas. You can create your own wall of memories using photos from the graduate from baby through senior year. We also incorporated our Snapshot Photo Table Decor to highlight some of our favorite photos and text that was important to the graduate (like the name of his high school and his football number). Once you have the photos and table decor you like, clothespin them to twine to get this rustic look.
Graduation Party Ideas

5. Standout Centerpieces. This idea, like The Year in Cupcakes from above, is from one of our Featured Favorites who planned a joint graduation party. To create the look, this mom used various sizes of mason jars and added a blue mason jar for a pop of color. She lined the clear jars with burlap, tied pink or blue string around the top or middle of the jars and added our Snapshot Photo Table Decor taped on wooden sticks. In the blue mason jars, she added sprigs of baby’s breath for a classic look. Under each centerpiece, she layered blue or pink fabric that coordinated with the table decor and invitation. Beautiful.
Graduation Party Ideas

There you have our top 5 graduation party ideas to make your party personalized and memorable for your guests to enjoy! Start personalizing your graduation announcements and graduation party decorations today.

If you’re looking for more graduation party inspiration, read our Classic Graduation Party Ideas and Sequin-Inspired Graduation Party Ideas.Graduation party ideas Graduation party ideas


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    1. Hi Terri, good question! I would say it depends on how many people you are planning to have at the graduation party. Shown in this picture it’s about 180 cupcakes, but if you plan to have more people you can always add more to the display when guests take one. If you aren’t expecting that many guests, you could always make the last two digits for the year: ’15 or spread them out more on the numbers or even make smaller numbers. Either way you choose, I would suggest catering it towards how many guests you are planning to have so you don’t have lots of extras or not enough 🙂 Hope that helps. Thank you for your question. Enjoy your party!!

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