To Parents of the Class of 2020: We know how hard this is. We’ve cleaned out our own children’s lockers. We’ve watched teachers pack up their classrooms in disbelief. We’ve shed many tears over canceled proms, sports events and yes – graduation ceremonies. We’re still trying to grasp this new reality. For parents of high school seniors, this has been particularity difficult. While your senior’s year may not be ending the way you envisioned, their accomplishments will not go unnoticed.


While the future feels a little uncertain, there are still creative ways to celebrate your senior while you wait for the green light on the most epic graduation party ever.


  1. Mail a Graduation Announcement

Your graduation ceremony and party may be delayed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t announce your senior’s graduation to all those who have loved and supported them throughout their journey. Our Graduation Announcements range from simple two-sided cards to beautiful folded booklets. If you’re not ready to set a graduation party date, you can still share their senior photos, high school achievements and their future plans.



  1. Post Kindergarten to Senior Year Tribute

Every young adult loves when their parents gush about them on Facebook, right? All kidding aside, they really will appreciate this thoughtful gesture. Dig out their memory boxes and find their school portraits from Kindergarten through their senior year. For 13 days in a row, post a photo from each year along with a special memory from that time in their life.


  1. Tell the Whole Neighborhood

Screaming it from the rooftops might be a little extreme, but you can declare them graduated to the whole neighborhood when you stake a sign your front yard. Our new photo yard signs let you show off your favorite senior portrait and add details like their high school, graduation year and more.


  1. Honor their Teachers

Teachers are feeling cheated by the shortened school year and are missing their students so much! Choose a few of your child’s favorite teachers from elementary through high school and remind them of the lasting impact they’ve had on your child’s life. The most touching way to do this is also the simplest – write a heartfelt letter. During a time of loneliness, receiving mail with a message of gratitude is the best gift of all.


  1. Decorate on Graduation Day

If their ceremony is canceled, celebrating them crazy on the day of their would-be graduation is so important. A family-only bash is going to make your senior feel special and loved. Deck out the house with custom decorations that you can reuse when the time comes for their huge (HUGE!) graduation party. Our favorites include photo bunting banners, table confetti and keepsake signature posters.


Know this – the time will come for their graduation party and when it does, we’ll be ready to help you invite in picture-perfect style!


Cheers to the Class of 2020!