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Graduation Signature Posters

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Here’s how to make sure your graduate’s Signature Poster from Pear Tree looks its absolute best so it wows everyone at the graduation party!
1. Size
We offer large, 28 x 30 signature posters and small, 11 x 14 signature posters. Some designs are available in both sizes and some are only available in one size.

2. Orientation
A few of the smaller posters are available in both horizontal and vertical formats. Larger posters are available in just one orientation since they are almost square in size. Make sure you pay attention to the orientation of the photo you want to use when shopping for the right poster.

3. Signing
Posters will come in a paper roll, so you will need to find a clean hard service to place it on for signing, or mount it to foam core before placing it on something like an easel. You will want to mount it yourself or have it mounted to foam core by a professional before framing it. Some pre-made frames come with a hard backing you can use instead.

4. Framing
Remember to block off some space along all four edges so people don’t sign too close to the edge because it will get cut off when framing. You may not know the size of frame you’ll be using so leave at least one inch on all sides to be safe. Remember that the 28 x 30 poster is not a standard size so you may have to have it custom framed. The 11 x 14 size is standard, so pre-made frames are readily available.

5. The Photo
You’ll want to think about a few things when you choose your photo for the signature poster but one very important thing is to make signatures will show up well. There needs to lots of space around the grad for people to sign and preferably that space isn’t really busy with objects or color. Be sure to pick up some metallic paint markers for posters with dark background colors.

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