kids thank you cardsMy family draws names for our annual Christmas gift exchange. The grown up siblings and spouses exchange gifts, and our kids draw separately for their own exchange. My family is spread from coast to coast, and frequently I find myself spending as much money to wrap and mail the gifts as I do on the gifts themselves. Even more distressing is going to all that trouble and then not hearing so much as a Happy Holidays from the person who received it. Did they get it? Did they like it? I am left to wonder.

Aside from the obvious question this raises about my family’s upbringing (it’s always the same person and you know who you are) it makes me wonder why it is customary to send thank you cards for birthday presents but not holiday gifts? Okay, I get that when we were kids most of the presents came from Santa, who surely didn’t expect a thank you card for doing his job. But if you are reading this, you are too old for that excuse.

This year, one of my favorite thank you card ideas for the holidays,  I am ordering personalized holiday thank you cards for my kids. I will let the kids choose their own design, pick the photo, whatever makes them happy. Or they can choose one of the coloring thank you cards Pear Tree has this year. I want them to learn that a hand-picked gift from a cousin, unlike one from Santa, requires a timely and sincere thank you. I will start small. I have the option to order as few as 8, which should be plenty. And for me, a personalized thank you card with a stylish holiday theme will be perfect. Who knows, maybe a certain someone will get the message.