Taped Up Memories Christmas cardsIn our family, it’s a race to the mailbox to be the one who gets to open the Christmas cards each day, a practice that really isn’t fair when some of us regularly get home later than others. That’s why I was interested to hear some of the wonderful family Christmas traditions our customers have come up with to involve the whole family in opening photo Christmas cards.

One family has a son in college, and they wait for him to come home for the holidays before opening any of the cards they have received. It sends a message that he is still an important part of the family and that their family Christmas traditions wouldn’t be the same without him.

We also love another family’s tradition of having each family member read one card a night after dinner. (If you have children who are learning to read, Christmas cards are a fun and unusual way to get in some practice at home.)

In our home, we involve the kids with a mini geography lesson. We are fortunate to receive cards from many states and a few foreign countries, so we take the opportunity to point out the return addresses and locate them on a map. It helps make the names more real to the kids, who don’t get to see these people very often, and reinforces the message that we are very fortunate to have friends in so many places who want to connect with us.

Other family Christmas traditions involve displaying, sending or addressing your Christmas cards as a family, in your own special way. Have you created your Christmas cards yet? Does your family have a special Christmas tradition you’d like to share?