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Photo Christmas Cards -- Photo Montage and MemoriesA Christmas letter doesn’t have to be boring, and this Featured Favorite is a great example. April, Ava, and Nico wanted to share pictures from their trip and were looking for creative Christmas card ideas that would hold lots of photos and room for their story.

April, says, “We had been planning this trip of a lifetime for over a year. I knew that I would be using the photos from this trip for our family Christmas card. Last year I received a card that really stood out. I made sure to set it aside as I knew I wanted to use the same company, Pear Tree Greetings, for my 2012 card.”

April chose our Photo Montage & Memories Christmas Cards. “I love that it had so many colors that allowed me to use photos with so many different backgrounds. And I love showcasing many photos of my kids, Ava and Nico, so that friends and family can see their individual personalities. One photo just won’t do for this family.”

“Our two weeks traveling in Finland and Russia were spent with me carefully selecting locations and photos to use in the card. The weather was miserable but the bright colors of the card allowed the photos to really pop, and the only clue to bad weather can be found in the fact that we are wearing raincoats!”

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