Our new graduation party decorations are super versatile to use when planning a graduation party. We put together 5 graduation party decoration ideas using different versions of our table decor from Pear Tree Greetings!

1. Wall Decor. We used our Glam Grad Gold Graduation Party Decorations and taped pieces to the wall to make this fun (and easy!) design. This display was great by the food table, but could be used wherever you would like. It’s a great way to showcase the grad’s photos with a little sparkle!
Wall Decor

2. Hanging Decor. Using our Snapshot Graduation Party Decorations, we took twine and clothespins and hung the table decor pieces and mixed in photos of the grad – from baby pictures to senior year. It displayed nicely across the dessert table and was great for the guests to see how he has grown through the years.
Hanging decor

3. Advice Cards. This is a fun, interactive way to get your guests pinning their advice for you as you continue your journey ahead. For this idea, we used our Big Impression Graduation Party Decorations and filled in the smaller pieces with the graduating year and the graduate’s name. We used one of the editable text pieces to tell guests what to do with the photo pieces: “I would love to hear your advice as I embark on my journey ahead. Then ‘Pin It’ to my board!” You’ll get comments from your parents, aunts, uncles, classmates, everyone who attends your party!
Advice Cards

4. Door Decor. This is such a fun way to let guests know they have arrived at the right graduation party! Create a collage with your favorite graduation party decorations! We used our Bright Future Graduation Party Decorations to achieve this bold look. All you have to do is tape the pieces together to create the look you like, tape it to the door and then, poof, you’re done!
Door Decor

5. Centerpiece Statement. Another fun idea to glam up your graduation party is to create centerpiece statements. They work perfectly for displaying on your dessert table and guest book table. It’s a great conversation starter to get people talking about you, the grad, and how they know you. Just takes a few jars, some pretty flowers, and coordinating fabric pieces to hold your favorite graduation party decorations in place. Simply stunning – and I bet your guests will agree!
Centerpiece Idea

Re-create these fun graduation party decoration ideas by shopping our graduation party decorations. And if you come up with new ways of how you used the decorations, we’d love to see by commenting below with the link to your blog or Pinterest page!

Graduation Party Decorations