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Christmas card ideas
We love the choice of gold foil to accent the beautiful photos on this simple, two-sided Shining Bright Christmas card. This family was excited to introduce their new puppy, Pearl, to friends and family, and chose this card because it had “the perfect sparkle for a Christmas card.” But more than the card choice, we love what mom, Heather, says about the tradition of sending Christmas cards and the meaning they hold for her family.

In Heather’s words, “One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the reconnecting with family and friends with the sending and receiving of cards. At our home, we created a large red spray painted pegboard and whole punch and tie each card to the board. This allows us to display all the creative and fun cards that family and friends create–each of them a sweet family masterpiece.  We have a big family as well as friends from our time living in various cities. For some friends we don’t see very often, card season is the last remaining way we keep in contact. Watching how children and pets grow and reading about highlights of the year just touches the heart. And isn’t that what the season is all about?”

We couldn’t have said it better, ourselves! For more Christmas card ideas, keep reading our blog or start shopping for your Christmas cards.