Birth Announcements

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After the long, nine-month journey of pregnancy, sending birth announcements is truly a joy. Pear Tree has all you need to create the perfect birth announcements, whether it's a boy or girl, twins or triplets. Our unique designs, trendy styles and beautiful colors will help you customize your birth announcements to get the exact look you want. From vintage birth announcements to modern birth announcements and variety of styles like photo books, tri-folds and simple two-sided birth announcements, you're sure to find a look you love.

Is your baby due in the fall or holiday season? Consider combining your birth announcements with your holiday cards. Pear Tree offers a fabulous collection of winter and Christmas birth announcements that showcase your precious new gift in a gorgeous holiday light.

Are you adopting? Congratulations on this super exciting time for your family! You need an announcement that tells a story. Check out our collection of adoption announcements for unique and stylish options. Tell everyone all the details of your baby's arrival and share a photo or two with the ones you love. With editable text and your choice of colors, you can create a look that's all your own.

If you're wondering about birth announcement wording, be sure to check out our article called How to Word Your Birth Announcements.

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