Religious Graduation Announcements

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If your grad’s journey toward graduation has been one led by their faith, announce their great accomplishment with a religious graduation announcement. Our designs have His presence at the forefront of these beautiful grad announcements that can also double as your graduation invitation.

Favorite Christian designs feature bible verses such as, “For I know the Plans I Have for you” from the book of Jeremiah. This powerful and comforting message is a reminder that God’s hand is guiding their path forward. Other popular bible quotes that grads connect with are from the book of Matthew – “let your light shine before others” and from 1 Corinthians, “The Best is Yet to Come”.

For a grad that wants to put a modern twist on their graduation announcement, choose a design that declares, “God is Greater Than the Highs and Lows”. What a perfect reminder that even though life is challenging, He walks beside you. 2022 Grads, who have faced a set of challenges unique to them, will adore the quote “God has More in Store for You Than You Can Even Imagine”. Everyone who has touched your Grad’s life will be so inspired by their positive message of strength and faith.

Whether you’re shopping for a high school or college announcement, a biblical design is totally appropriate. When you create a grad announcement with a faith based theme, each recipient will be moved by the inspirational theme. If you love our spiritual announcements, but want to explore similar themes, our Graduation Announcements with Quotes might be a perfect fit for you too!

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