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When to Send Graduation Announcements

It’s about that time – graduation season! If you’re wondering exactly when to order and send your graduation announcements, we’re here with answers. We’ll even cover graduation announcement etiquette and advice on who to mail grad announcements to.

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First, let’s cover the basics. Have you ever wondered why you should send a graduation announcement? There are so many great reasons to mail them out!

First, graduation announcements let you share the news of your graduation in such a thoughtful and fun way. Your friends and family who have supported the grad throughout the years will love receiving this happy mail!

And yes, friends and family will want to shower the grads with gifts, and mailing a grad announcement is a reminder that it’s time to do so. Plus, if you’re having a grad party, your announcement can easily double as your graduation party invitation.

Lastly, this world has gone digital, but it’s so important to memorialize these huge milestones! Your printed graduation announcement is something you’ll treasure for years, and generations, to come.

When Do You Send Graduation Announcements?

If you’re not having a grad party, and are simply announcing your graduation (as you should – it’s a big deal!) send your graduation announcements anywhere from 2 weeks before the graduation commencement to 4 weeks after.

If your announcement is doubling as your graduation party invitation, we suggest mailing them 3-4 weeks before your party (definitely no less than 2 weeks before).

Why so early? 3-4 weeks is pretty standard for event invitations, especially in today’s busy world. Sending early is especially important for high school graduation invites because so many parties can occur on the same day. You want to ensure that guests get your party on the calendar right away.

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When to Order Graduation Announcements

Good news! Even custom graduation announcements and invites can be delivered to your door in just a matter of days.

Don’t cut it too close though; it can take time to stuff and address all those envelopes. Placing your order about 5-6 weeks before graduation will allow you enough time to stuff envelopes and get them in the mail to recipients.

If you’re a super-planner, there’s no reason you can’t order as soon as you have all the details set.

Who to Send Graduation Announcements To 

Creating a list of people to send graduation announcements to can feel tricky. Our best advice is to send an announcement to anyone who has had a positive impact on your child’s life. Trust us – receiving a beautiful grad announcement in the mail will make each recipient’s day.

Here’s a list of people to send graduation announcements to:

  1. Family Members: These are the VIPs! Include grandparents, aunts and uncles and other close family.


  1. Family Friends: Friends are chosen family, right? Be sure to send an announcement to every friend who has supported the grad’s journey.


  1. The Grad’s Friends: If you’re announcing a high school graduation, the grad is sure to have a lengthy list of friends to send to. You can send an announcement to the entire family, or have them hand out mini party invitations at school instead.


  1. Co-Workers: Co-workers of the grad’s parents will love getting an announcement. If the graduate is employed, or has an internship, they can also mail announcements to their closest co-workers.


  1. Special Teachers or Professors: You don’t have to send an announcement to every teacher, but be sure to include those extra special one.


  1. Coaches and Mentors: If your child is an athlete or has a special coach or mentor from any extracurricular activity, be sure to add them to the list.


  1. Neighbors: Don’t forget to send an announcement to close neighbors.


  1. Church community: They’ll appreciate getting an announcement to display in the church office.


  1. Medical Professionals: This is especially a kind gesture for high school graduates! If you have a special pediatrician or dentist who has watched your child grow through the years, they’ll love receiving an announcement in the mail.

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Happy creating, grads!


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