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When to Order and Send Graduation Announcements and Party Invitations

It’s about that time – graduation season! If you’re wondering exactly when to order and send your graduation announcements or party invitations, we’re here with answers!

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Let’s first make the distinction between graduation announcements and grad party invitations.

Graduation announcements are meant to inform friends, family members, teachers and other acquaintances that you are graduating. Announcements aren’t technically invitations but they often double as graduation party invitations and all of our designs have lots of room to add custom party details.

Graduation invitations are used to invite people to the party and are sometimes referred to as open house invitations. An open house is a type of party where guests come and go as they please within a specific timeframe. Open houses are extremely common for graduation parties because of the amount of guests and because guests often have multiple parties to attend.

When to Send Your Graduation Announcements and Party Invitations

If you’re not having a party, and are simply announcing your graduation (as you should – it’s a big deal!) send announcements anywhere from 2 weeks before the graduation to 4 weeks after.

If you’re having a graduation party, we suggest sending your invitations 3-4 weeks before graduation (definitely no less than 2 weeks before).

The same rule applies for graduation announcements doubling as invitations. Why so early? 3-4 weeks is pretty standard for event invitations, especially in today’s busy world. Sending early is especially important for high school graduation invites because so many parties can occur on the same day. You want to ensure that guests get your party on the calendar right away.

When to Order Your Graduation Announcements and Party Invitations

Good news! Even custom graduation announcements  and invites can be delivered to your door in just a matter of days.

Don’t cut it too close though; it can take time to stuff and address all those envelopes. Placing your order at least 6 weeks before graduation will allow you enough time to stuff envelopes and get them in the mail to recipients. And if you’re a super-planner, there’s no reason you can’t order as soon as you have all the details set.

Happy creating, grads!

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