Baby Shower Decorations

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The arrival of Baby is a BIG deal but celebrating baby is really a celebration of all the little things involved in prepping for Baby. This collection of baby shower decorations lets you create a party look by coordinating all the little details that make a celebration's décor truly memorable. At Pear Tree you can match your baby shower decorations to your invitations in minutes with our collection of table decorations, yard signs, gift tags and more! You choose the design you love, customize wording, colors and fonts, place your order and we'll send you beautifully printed pieces you can easily add to any venue and any baby shower. What are all the little details we offer that will make a huge impact at the party?

Table Decorations - Every order of table decorations comes with different sizes and coordinating designs to create a look that's interesting and dynamic.

Yard Signs - Yard signs are a simple addition to the party that guests will love! They help guests find the destination and they're designed to look fabulous and blend right in with the décor.

Table Cards - Table cards help you label different elements of your party like food and activities. This is one of those really small things that usually wows people with your attention to detail.

Favor Tags - Favor tags let you dress up party favors and gifts with a little something extra your guests might not be expecting. They look absolutely adorable!

Address Labels - Dress up the invitations with super cute address labels and show guests you're paying attention to the details from the very beginning.

Comment Cards - A great activity for any baby shower, comment cards can be used for everything from advice to the new parents to easy crock pot recipes for the family.

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