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When you need a quick and easy photo display for a party, our custom posters come to the rescue. No messing with photo prints or poster board, you simply upload all the photos you need in seconds, then arrange them in one of our poster templates to your liking. Choose from over 80 colors for text and backgrounds, or leave them as is. It's that simple.

Pear Tree's custom posters let you create photo displays in two different sizes, that hold anywhere from one to 54 photos! They are printed on durable, tear-resistant polystyrene for outdoor/indoor use and can be framed if you like, or just taped up for short-term use. They are great for parties where you want to show off a lot of photos and memories, such as graduations and birthdays, and they make great gifts for the guest of honor when the party is over.

Be sure to check out the many other personalized party decorations at Pear Tree including, bunting banners, yard signs, cupcake flags and much more. Pear Tree also has a unique collection of personalized gifts that make the most of your favorite photos.

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