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How to Include Older Siblings in Birth Announcements

Your children are likely to be excited when you announce you're having another baby—they get to be big siblings, after all! However, kids tend to want to be the center of attention. If your older children want to be involved in the birth of their newest sibling, you can let them. In fact, birth announcements are the perfect place to include all of your kids. Here's how you can make big sis or bro feel like a part of the welcoming process:

Have them pick out cards - When you have young children help you with things, you want to give them relatively easy responsibilities. For instance, you might delegate the choosing of the actual birth announcement to your children. Pick out three or four designs you and your spouse like, then have your kids choose one from the bunch. That way you know you'll be sending a card you like and your children will feel involved. You and your kids might just love the Special Delivery Trifold announcement from Pear Tree. This card features multiple panels on which you can share photos of your newborn along with his or her name.

Let them choose an outfit - Most birth announcements feature a photo of the newborn, a tradition you'll likely want to follow. If you do, your child can sport an outfit just as cute as he or she is. Many parents opt for a minimal approach by wrapping their baby in a blanket, or giving them a cute hat or headband. Discuss a couple of options with your spouse, and have your other children choose between the outfits. For example, your oldest son may think the newborn should wear the blue beanie while your daughter might suggest a white one. Or maybe something a little funker like the plaid visor or polka bowtie shown in the Baby Boy Arrival Birth Announcement. Make sure the kids feel like they have some say, but ultimately you and your spouse should make the clothing decision.

Take pictures of all the kids - While birth announcements most commonly feature the newborn by his or herself, you can snap a shot with the big siblings. For instance, your older children might hold the newborn, or they can all be snuggling on a couch. Taking a photo with everyone shows how your family has grown over time. If you go this route, consider taking pictures of the baby alone as well. The announcement can then feature the two images side by side. You’ll find plenty of multi-photo birth announcements to accommodate photos of everyone.


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