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Proper Etiquette for Adoption Announcements

Just as birth parents celebrate the arrival of their little bundle of joy, adoptive parents too wish to welcome a new addition to their family with love and fanfare. That's why so many couples are choosing to send out send out adoption announcements! Like traditional birth announcements, adoption announcements let the world know about your growing family. As you prepare to send them out, keep these etiquette tips in mind:

Get the timing right - Because the adoption process can be tricky, there's a little leeway when it comes to the timing of sending out the announcements. A good rule of thumb is to put the announcements in the mail no later than six months after your new child officially becomes a member of your family. "Officially" could refer to the date you bring your child home or the date the adoption is legally finalized - it's up to you.

Include important dates - Traditional birth announcements always include the child's date of birth, but adoption announcements should also include the date that you brought your child home. You can use many different phrases to accompany that date, including "Was welcomed into our family on ..." and "Arrived on ...." The Worth The Wait Adoption Announcement is a great example.

Add interesting information - Your loved ones may also be interested to know additional information about the new member of your family, including where they were born (particularly if they were born in another country). If the child is older, you may even want to include some interesting facts, such as what grade they are in and what hobbies they enjoy. The Baby Boy Blocks Adoption Announcement gives plenty of room for including additional info.

Allow older children to take part in the process - If you are adopting an older child, you should allow them to take part in the process of designing their adoption announcement. After all, they may have a very specific idea of how they want to be presented to the world! Plus, designing the announcements together can be a great bonding experience.


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