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9 People You Should Send Christmas Cards To

Ah, Christmastime. The season of joy, hope and list-making. At any moment between mid-November to late-December, lists seem to multiply before our very eyes. A list of gifts to purchase, parties to R.S.V.P. to, baking supplies to procure…we could go on and on.

Featured Christmas card: Festive Collage

Let’s shove all those other lists aside and talk about our favorite one of them all: your Christmas card list! Creating a list of who to send a Christmas card to can feel like an overwhelming task but the team at Pear Tree is here to help.

We like to begin by breaking our lists down into relationship category. Let’s dig in!

1. Family Members

The holiday season is the only time of the year you can give family updates that don’t get communicated on social media or a never-ending group text. Everyone will love seeing photos of your family that they can hold in their hands and attach to their refrigerator.

If you have a family member who you’re not close with, you don’t have to send them a Christmas card. If you’re on the fence, imagine them receiving your card in the mail and opening it. Will it make them smile? If so, send!

2. Friends Near and Far

We don’t choose our family, but we do choose our friends. And of course, you’ll want to send a Christmas card to all the friends you love most. I like to split my Christmas card friend list into sections, just to make sure I don’t leave anyone out:

  • Friends from Childhood
  • Family Friends (often childhood friends parents and siblings)
  • College Friends
  • Current Best Friends
  • Families of Children’s Friends
  • Friends from Former & Current Jobs
  • Friends from Church and Volunteer Work
  • Friends from Clubs and Organizations (book club, sports, etc.)

3. Your Favorite Coworkers

Sending a holiday card to your colleagues is a kind gesture that’s sure to be appreciated. Exactly who you send one to is up to you. If you have a very small team that you work with, send a card to everyone. If you’re team is enormous, you may want to par down the list to just those coworkers you’re closest to.

Don’t forget – if you’re a supervisor, send a card to each of your direct reports, not just your favorite (wink, wink).

4. Your Children’s Friends and Families

Whether your children are small or grown, their social circle will add a few names to your Christmas card list. Your Christmas card is a great way to connect with your children’s friends – from daycare “classmates” to college roommates. Even if you aren’t “friends” with these families, a Christmas card is a perfect way to connect!

5. Teachers and Daycare Providers

If you have children, don’t forget to send a card to their daycare providers or school teachers. Bonus points if you pair it with a heartfelt holiday gift. Sending a card to school administrators, counselors, nursing staff and even your kid’s favorite gym teacher is also a sweet gesture.

If you have a pet who has a sitter or goes to a dog-border be sure to add them as well!

6. Doctors, Dentists and Even Your Hair Stylist

Think about the appointments you make with service providers throughout the year and jot down a list of folks that would enjoy getting receiving a Christmas card from you and your family. A list might include:

  • Your Doctor and your Children’s Pediatrician
  • Dentists and Orthodontists
  • Your Hair Stylist
  • The Dog Groomer
  • Massage Therapist and Chiropractor
  • Car Mechanic

7. Your Neighbors

If you’re lucky enough to have neighbors who are your BFFs, they already made it on your list of friends to send Christmas cards to. But even if you only communicate through friendly waves from across the boulevard, sending a Christmas card to you neighbors is a polite and welcome idea.

8. Community Members and Service Providers

Adding folks to your Christmas card list who serve your community is really thoughtful. These are the people who work for you every day and they’ll love receiving a Christmas card with a note thanking them for their community service. Consider sending cards to:

  • Police Officers (send a card to your local precinct)
  • Firefighters (send to the local fire station)
  • City Offices
  • Mail-People and Delivery Drivers
  • Garbage Collectors

9. Military Personal

Imagine being away from your loved ones and receiving a Christmas card from a kind stranger. Be that stranger! You can send Christmas cards to the military through a number of organizations.

United Soldiers and Sailors of America has a program called Operation Christmas Cards for Our Troops that will collect cards and mail them to troops overseas.


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